The Golden(ing) ChildREN

For those who would like to watch the growth of the Golden(ing) childREN

from this morning September 29, 2006

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Good morning,

Here’s the latest picture….21 weeks…I think that my belly might finally be bigger then my butt….now you can tell if I’m coming or going =)

Things are going good and everyone is feeling fine. Greg is away this week for work and I can’t wait till he gets back! We have been busy trying to get as many projects done in the house that we can….tile in the kitchen, bamboo in the t.v. room…fun things like that! Babies are a GREAT motivator! We are combining offices so that lil’grrl has a nursery so I have spent the last few weeks going through all of the little treasures I’ve been saving over the last 10 years and deciding what I can part with. I’m finally done and Greg has started moving his stuff over which means we get to paint soon! I’ll make sure and include pictures of what the babies room ends up looking like.

This weekend my sister and I are going shopping to see just exactly what all these things are that I might or might not need for baby. I like to shop around so it’s just a research mission….there is so much you COULD buy…but I have a feeling you only really NEED like 10% of it =)

No cravings yet beyond the usual….Greg bought me a new trainer for my birthday that is quiet enough that I can spin while I watch T.V. so I’ve FINALLY been back on my bike this week….it feels weird…but it will get better.

All right for now….enjoy the day! See you next week


Hello Again

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Hey everyone…thanks for following me to my new blog site….I know, I know, I’ve only been blogging for all of one week and I’ve already moved….but this site is much better…cleaner….and it doesn’t post everyone’s name on the side bar when people log in (not to mention it doesn’t attempt to get people to join just so they can see my site….I don’t like that stuff…)

So I’ve uploaded the last couple pictures on here too…we are now on week 21 (i’ll copy that text over too!)

Hope you enjoy! Keep in touch!