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nothing but complaints? November 29, 2006

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I realized two things: 1) i’m not very good at updating this blog as frequently as i could or should & 2) so far all i’ve done is complain complain complain! So I thought maybe I should write about all of the great things about being pregnant.

There’s the obvious….you know that you are carrying around with you a tiny little life that you created and someday you are going to get to hold that little life and look her in the eyes and your life will change in ways that you can only begin to guess.

Then there’s the great part about the 3rd trimester where you’re finally big enough that strangers see you on the street and they know that you’re pregant…not just a pasta fan…and they smile at you….It’s interesting, I haven’t had any strangers touch my belly yet, but so many people on the street make eye contact with me and smile, it’s made me realize how really rare that is, and i have to contribute it to my belly. There must be an instinct that we’ve held onto somewhere deep in our structure that encourages us to protect and be kind to pregnant women. People pull up chairs, open doors, insist on carrying groceries….but mostly they smile, a very kind smile, combined with the spirit of the holidays and my hyper-emotions it brings a little joyful tear to my eye…..aaaah yes, no complaining but still cheesie.

There’s the kicking….and the rolling…and the what I think is stretching going on in my belly. It’s a crazy feeling….and even stranger to watch my belly move from side to side…..she went to a rock show saturday night and seemed to dance the night away….and she likes to kick the cats when they are trying to lay on top of her…..they don’t seem to mind…..all of it so amazing. Everytime I feel her really moving I tell greg…or my sister…to put their hand on my belly and everytime she totally stops moving. I hope that it’s a sign that she settles down easily and not just that she is as stubborn as the rest of us =) And everytime she moves it makes me just so happy to know that she’s there and she’s healthy….it’s relief and joy all at once.

The whole process is wonderful and amazing and at times completely mind-blowing. The way your body adapts to everything going on inside it. Having an experience that is unlike anything else….being so out of control of something so fragile and having to trust that you are doing all you can do and that Mother Nature has some experience in this arena and will take care of the rest. It’s completely unlike anything else….which also seems so rare in these times that we have so much access to so many things and places and experiences.

So as much as I have complained….and surely still will….this whole pregnancy thing truly is pretty cool, pretty wonderful, pretty amazing, pretty mind-blowing and pretty special. Greg and I are pretty lucky and we couldn’t be happier.


Here’s to the letter “G” November 16, 2006

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Most of you know that the letter “G” is precious in our house. Greg most commonly goes by “GG” or “Grandmaster G” or “G-Man”….rarely does anyone call him Greg. But now the letter G has found a new place in our home. A place very close to my heart…in fact just in front of my heart and slightly to the left and the right of it. Yes….you’ve got it, I had to take another trip to the store this weekend….it was already time to upsize the sally-swinger (where did that term come from I wonder?) The good news is that this is the last time I’ll have to go to the store for one….the bad news is that the reason I won’t have to go to the store again is because they don’t carry any bigger size then G so now I will have to order off the internet (thank you for the internet!!!) I still around 3 months to go and that doesn’t include the growth after the milk comes in. Oh Joy. Now when the Dr. weighs me I take off 10 lbs. in my mind to account for the girls. 5 for each of them =)


28 weeks

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Yes….83 days to go….10 to 12 weeks. So far so good. Got the glucose test back and no diabetes, just a little bit enemic…nothing to worry about! Finally found a crib last weekend….Greg took his first trip to the baby store with me and totally lucked out…we didn’t go to the big one, this store only had one other couple in shopping and about 20% of the selection as the big guys. We were trying to choose between two cribs…one in stock one would take 8 to 12 weeks to get here….I couldn’t wait, we chose the one in stock. I actually liked the other one better but I just want to have everything here and put together and settled so I don’t have to worry about any of it! We’re really hoping to have the babies room finished by next weekend….we are very close, then I promise I will post pictures. You’ll notice I’ve started cropping out my butt. I have the skill to photo shop my butt away but somehow feel that that is cheating….so i’ll just crop it out. It seems to be growing at the same rate as my belly….i’m already looking forward to the first time that I can actually REALLY go work out and SWEAT!!!!!


99 bottles of…. November 1, 2006

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WhooHoooo….99 “official” days to go…into double digits….of course, it could be less or more (eeeh). I believe I’m at week 26….happy halloween by the way. My belly is getting bigger quick…I can only begin to imagine what it’s going to be like in another 99 days. By the end of the night I am so close to asking Greg to help me get up from the couch…but my pride seems to be helping me hold out at least a bit longer.

I finally got the babies room primered this last weekend and hopefully will paint over the next week. Once again I was surprised to find how the simplest thing like painting a tiny little room could ware me out so quickly. And my back! Oh geez! When I go to do the actual painting I am going to try and be smart about it and paint for maybe just an hour every night instead of trying to get it all at once. We also took the rocking chair that Greg’s parents gave us in to be reupholstered. This rocking chair was a wedding gift from Greg’s great gandpa to his grandparents, we are so excited to have it and to get to pass it down.

I was also able to finally finish registering…though there is some internet clean up i need to do…braved my way back through BabiesR’Us….

I have another Dr.’s appt. on Thursday. We do the glucose test to check for diabetes and other then that just more measuring.

Today was Halloween and I had planned on dressing up as Brittney Spears….you know being pregnant and all….but when i put the costume on I decided i looked very little like Mrs. Federline and lot like a chubby chick who dressed poorly (which someone pointed out is exactly what brittney looked like…) so I dug into my costume box and wore my old stand-by, road killed skunk costume. This time I was mother road kill skunk. I also bought a costume already for the little girl. Greg couldn’t believe it when I told him…I mean, I bought a newborn size….but it was SO cute and I figure she can wear it as a snow suit and will have no idea how I’m dressing her anyway…..Once I showed it Greg he changed his tune…even he thought it was too adorable to pass up.