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The perfect P.J.’s!! December 14, 2006

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O.K….one more post tonight…I still have two more big posts to do but I must get my beauty sleep! I’ve been having a bit of a p.j. dilema. Our house is rather chilly at night so p.j.’s are a must have in the winter….I can’t stand gowns because no matter what I do they seem to end up tied tightly around my neck by morning. Normally I have all sorts of cute flannel and fleece sets that I wear pretty much from the minute I get home at night until the shower the next morning but none of those really fit me anymore….not to mention that having a 2″ strip of elastic around your belly is SO uncomfortable and pulling them under the belly doesn’t seem to work (and don’t get me started on the top half….we’ve had enough of those discussions!) Then I turned to long sleeve t’s with large leggins….VERY large leggins….the kind that you see out on the street and you aren’t sure if you should be embarrassed for the girl or proud of her for going out in public in them….anyway…those are very comfortable BUT when you change your sleeping position as many times as I do in a night….and this is not a roll-over-barely-wake type of change….I mean I have to fully wake up….lift my body into the air…slowly reposition myself…wait for the baby to slide (this is what i see in my head….she slides) over to the new side followed by all the fluids and organs and what-have-yous, reposition the 25 pillows and then close my eyes…well, the large leggins don’t always go along for the ride and more times then not I was finding them down around my knees by the time I had resettled forcing me to start the process over again. So I had a thought….I searched around for these beauties and luckily…growing up in a small town like enumclaw…was able to find them for the killer price of $14.99 (actually my sweet brother picked them up for me) The best part….they have a flap…did i mention that i get up to go the bathroom at least twice if not more a night? I think i should start marketing them as “P.J.’s prego-jays”……This is me in them at around 32 weeks (can you believe…32 weeks!!!)….it is truly a sight to behold.


Over Doing Again

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Last weekend (i’m almost caught up on this thing!) I learned another lesson in overdoing it….
Friday night was our company Christmas Party and there was dancing involved. Now I was feeling great….and am able to still stay awake until wee hours of the morning….and so I danced. Not super hard…and I will have to tell you that I typically am not super comfortable dancing at work parties because it always seems a little weird to do some of the typcial moves I might do while dancing with a bunch of guys I work with around….and I don’t really enjoy dancing “wedding style”…you know… the way your aunt and uncle might dance to the “kids” music a few years before they blow out their hip. But dancing at 8 months pregnant…well that really feels weird…..i just thought of myself as a balloon floating around the floor….anyway… Then Saturday was a baby class (more on that in another posting) then after baby class we went to Bell Square for Christmas shopping….then we met up with a friend who was in town for Belgium…I went to bed earlier then they did…but still maybe a little late. Sunday morning it was up and attam’ with the Jingle Bell run/walk in downtown Seattle (at least i walked!) The photo attached is the crowd….apparently Seattle has the biggest event in the country. Sadly enough…the mere 3.2 miles pretty much did me in. I was EXHAUSTED afterward! I got lot’s of props from other participants for doing the event at all…which was nice….but OI! my aching back! It’s Wed. and I’m still trying to catch up…and already trying to figure out how I will not make the same mistake this coming weekend. Part of the problem is that in my mind I am already in “taking it easy mode”….but apparently my body has a whole different definition for this! I figure I will have it all figured out in the next few months…you know…when it’s too late =)


I’d Still Be Skinny If….

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I found this T-shirt on line and just absolutely had to get it….it’s not easy finding inapropriate maternity clothing…it’s all so loving and caring….anyway…I picked one up for my co-worker too and we both wore them to our Monday morning marketing meeting that our whole team is in. It was GREAT! The men had the hardest time with it…we made several guys blush =) The word spread fast and pretty soon the whole company new about our T’s…even though we only had them on for a few hours….and keep in mind we are spread over 1 mile and 3 buildings! At our Christmas party even our CFO was giving me a hard time about it and laughing! We took pictures together but they are someone elses camera…once i get them i’ll post it (yah right)…..(Greg has never been so proud of me =)


The room is done!!!

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babyroom1.jpg babyroom2.jpg

The room is finally done! Well…we actually finished painting a couple weeks ago…I’m just still WAY behind on the blog =) But it is such a great feeling to have it all done. It was a total team effort…which was really nice….and Greg is as excited about how it turned out as I am. These pictues are just of the walls…we have the crib and rocking chair in the room too…and by next week we will have a dresser/changing table. Right now I have piles and piles of clothes and sheets and blankets and books all over the place….trying to organize and put everything away in it’s new home (which I LOVE doing)…so once all that gets put away I will post a picture of the “finished” piece (well…at least I’ll post one sometime in the next year at the rate I’ve been going =) It’s a great feeling to have that all done….we actually feel like besides diapers (yes I know, probably one of the most important parts) we could have the baby and she’d be set for awhile…more set then probably half the babies in the world….though there are still a few things we’d like to have…all the needs are covered. Now our biggest challenge is convincing the cats that this room is not the most comfortable place in the house…we’re hoping a screaming infant will help to encourage them to go elsewhere!