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39 weeks 1.5 centimeters January 31, 2007

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We made it to 39 weeks and still hanging on. She’s going the full distance…I just hope that I can too! We went to the Dr. yesterday and I am finally 1.5 cm and he could touch her head. Weird huh. I wonder what she thought when he touched her head. It would be the first time in her existance that anything has touched her outside of her little cacoon besides us pushing on her through my belly. It was such a relief. Of course I know that this was going to happen…I know she is going to come out…but it’s been so long and nothing has happened…finally there is a change. My blood pressure was high when I went in so they put me on the fetal monitor for 20 minutes to check her heart beat and contractions and then take my blood pressure again. It was great to hear her for that long and to watch the tape….Then there were my contractions. I always thought I knew my body pretty well…and I thought that I wasn’t having any “braxton hicks contractions” but apparently what I’ve thought was just her pushing on me has actually been contractions all this time. It was really helpful watching them on the tape to see how they went, and even though I know the “real” contractions will be different, it was nice that there is no pain and the feeling is something that I can handle. My blood pressure was back to normal when they checked it again so I was sent home to wait it out =)

Every day feels different and every day I wonder if this is the day. The anxiety is the worse. I only sleep a handful of hours each night….”they” (who are they?) say that it’s natures way of getting you ready for night time feedings…I feel like a kid at christmas. Greg and I have finally packed our bags and diaper delivery delivered our first “load” (sure to see many “loads” in our future) last week. We are,,,,i guess,,,,ready as we’ll ever be.

For those of you wondering…we do have an email list prepared to let everyone know of her arrival as soon as we can!


37 Weeks January 19, 2007

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Well…we made it to 37 weeks….officially she is a full-grown baby inside my belly. Thought I’d post a picture of what my view is…..that’s what it looks like when I look down…I have to struggle to see my feet!

Last weekend my sister and I went and had a pedicure….it was fantastic….and even though I can’t really see my toes I know that they look great….other people will be able to admire them in the hospital and I’m sure the nurses appreciate the little things that we can do for them =) Not to mention that the spa foot bath and rub was wonderful. My feet….well really my right foot especially are swollen and look like big balloons…as if the indignity of getting used to all your clothes not fitting wasn’t enough now my shoes barely fit. I wear sandals almost everyday. I am SO glad that I work in a casual environment…I can’t even imagine what office workers who have to wear suits and nylons do in this case!

After the pedicure we went shopping to target and I bought myself a new purse (see to the right of the picture =) This is where I can say motherhood has begun…..I found the cutest little green “leather” number….it was adorable…hot green…small…perfect for spring and I have nothing like it. Then I realized….when in the next couple of years will I EVER be able to use that purse? Can I fit diapers, a bottle, a toy, snacks AND my wallet and phone in there???? NO…..So, after carrying it around with me for a while I set it down and waved good bye to my carefree shopping days (for a while at least) and picked up the over sized (but still fashionable) tote….A.K.A. diaper bag. I still like it, and I know I will use it…and maybe in a few years when hot green comes back into fashion I will be able to go back and get the other one =)

Greg returns from Asia on Sunday morning….he has been very sick while he’s been there which would be so miserable! Of course while he’s been gone the plumbing in the house totally has blown….it always happens when he’s gone….then I’m left trying to decide whether to wait for him to return or whether to make a decision to act…knowing that my decision will most likely not be what he would have done. At any rate….under advice from his father…a plumber is on the way.

And since Monday my mom has been here. It’s been great. I get home and every night she has dinner cooked and waiting for me! What a life….she does my laundry, makes my bed….It’s so nice of her to do all that and man, it’s been so relaxing for me….not to mention that the house is clean so I won’t worry about having to do a bunch of clean up before Greg get’s home…aaaaah….mom’s are great!

All right…signing off….I’m back to the Dr. on Tuesday…all is still good in the hood…..time is ticking away and really she could appear any day (especially once greg returns!)


36 WEEKS…can you believe it? January 12, 2007

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So…I’m at 36 weeks now….wow…that means officially I only have 4 more weeks to go….Here is a side by side of me at 20 weeks…amazing how much I’ve grown…and my belly too! =) All is good…I have another appointment with my Dr. next week and then I start seeing him on a weekly basis. Greg is in Asia right now until the 21st so the little girl in on strict orders to NOT COME EARLY. I really hope she is more like me then Greg when it comes to these things because he would come early just to show us that he could. Not that I would mind a week early of course =) Where else can she go in there? I can finally tell where most of her body parts are….i have a pretty good idea where the rump and head are and the feet for sure…everyone once in a while i get a push way over on my right side where she never is and i wonder what part of her that is….there is always a foot in my right rib cage….but she is very gentle…rarely does she kick hard. Everyone can watch my belly move on it’s own now…occassionaly we interupt work meetings just to stare at it.

I’ve been home sick with a cold for the last few days but finally I think that I’m getting over it. Yesterday it snowed (see the picture with our first little girl!) so I was happy to not have to brave the streets! Saturday I’m spending the day with my sister….we’re getting pedicures (oh how my feet need it! not that i can see them or anything….but I’m sure they need it!) and going over my “birth plan”…a new term for me as of several months ago…apparently a lot of people have more of a plan then just going to the hospital =) Anyway, we have asked my sister to join us during the birth (sorry Dennis). We thought it would be good to have another person in there besides Greg and the nurse in case greg needs a break, or a snack, or we need someone to go get something for us or talk to the grandparents…and my sister is really the only person I could imagine being in there….Her and Greg get along great so he will be totally comfortable and I know she will take really good care of all of us! Then Sunday my mom is coming up to stay the rest of the week until greg get’s home. It will be nice to have company…though I don’t know what she will do all day! it will be her first time driving to Bellevue on her own…we are meeting part way and she will follow me the rest….and since we don’t have a land line she will have to depend solely on her cell phone for the week…another first,,,, it will be a big week for Grandma!!!

Other then that just trying to wrap up a few more things before the little girl makes her appearance…finding a pediatrician, packing my bag (and hers), a few more odds and ends….Greg and I did decide on her full name (and the spelling of it) before he left just in case…..but we’ll save that for later!!!!


To Fear or Not to Fear

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Many people are asking me if I am scared, nervous, anxious, etc. Well…honestly….I am just ready! If you were to ask me a couple of months ago even I would have said all of the above! (especially after those birthing videos!) But I’ve decided there is a reason women are pregnant for 10 months….because they run out of room at 9 and by 10 they are SO READY! I was afraid of the whole birthing experience… the pain, the mystery of the unknown, the thought of being out of control. But now, now I can explain it in no other way then that I’m just ready. No fear. Now, yes, ask me in the middle of a contraction in full labor and I might answer differently…..but for now my body is so ready to have itself back, to touch my toes, to tie my shoes, to get in and out of my car without wishing for those captains seats you see in 80’s model vans, to run and sweat, to sleep (even if it is frequently interrupted) on my back……oh yes, I am READY!


Oh the classes…..

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Greg and I only have one more class to take….well actually I only have one more class to take because Greg is out of the country =) So far we’ve taken a birthing class, a car seat class, an infant care class and a Fathering class (just greg went to that one….very brave of him don’t you think?), all I have left is what i’ve heard is the most important class…the breast feeding class…that one I have the most questions about! The classes have been good….the teachers have been hit or miss….the folks in the class have been interesting.

The classes: I would like to think that we would have been just fine if we took no classes at all (except maybe the b-feeding one) but there were certainly small bits and pieces to gleam from each class. The birthing class had a great teacher…but we had to watch those birthing videos. Those are SCARY! I wasn’t nervous at all until I watched those. And then of course because of all the hormones, I cried at the end….I looked around the room and noticed that I wasn’t the only one all teared up though. I talked to my Dr. a couple days later and he commented that he wished they didn’t show those videos….it’s a lot harder just watching someone in pain, having no control over it or the situation, then actually being the one in pain….this I can agree with….and can see….that made me feel better…..but I still think that they should show those movies to 13 year olds…..I think there would be fewer pregnancies! That and a shopping trip to Babies R’Us to see the prices =) The infant care class was just your basics….we would have been fine to miss that and the car seat class (though after going around the room we were very glad that some of the others were there!) Greg enjoyed the fathering class, which was taught by a father…he learned a few things, got to practice other stuff more, and what was nice is that the teacher covered things like what to do if the baby just won’t stop crying and you think you’re going out of your mind….things i think some guys might have a hard time taking. It was also a good eye opener for Greg to hear about how long things might take (don’t think I’m taking any credit away from him….he’s as competent at all this stuff as I am!!!) but to realize how often the baby will eat….how long it will take her to eat…how much she might sleep….how long it will take to change a diaper….those things that he thought might be all a matter of minutes and turns out are going to take a lot longer then that….that was good for him to hear…

Some of the people who show up to take these classes….Boy am I glad they are there! The questions they would ask and the things they would discuss….Now, I’m NO baby genius….and I realize that any question is a good question….but if you are asking things like, “should i rip out the lining of my baby car seat because I read that babies can suffocate on too much bedding?” and “I don’t want to get a car seat stroller combination because it will keep his/her head from being round” (well yes….if you leave him/her in there all the time…duh) those are just a couple of examples I can remember off the top of my head…..there were many times that Greg and I found each other kicking one another under the table =)


Did I ever tell you about the shower we had?

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I know, it’s been months….and i’m very far behind……On December 1st my dear friends through us a fantastic “Fetus Festivus”. It took place at Earl and Doreen Harper’s studio (what doesn’t happen there?) and so many of our friends came to play with us….it was truly overwhelming. We had a boy/girl shower…..which was quite a debate….it’s hard to decide what to do…and Greg isn’t usually the type to go for those things….but I wanted to have a party….it’s so much more our style….and I don’t really care whether folks play the games or not….I’m game if they are…but I’m not disapointed either if they aren’t. So it was a festivus. There was a keg, ping-pong, cake and tons of food. We were OVERWHELMED with gifts. I wasn’t great about taking pictures of everything before I put it away…so I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the finished room…and then one of “TLP’s” (the little princess’s) closet….just to give you an idea of how generous everyone has been! We got a ton of clothes – she will be the best dressed 3 month old! Two great slings (thank you laura!) books, toys, bedding, blankets, adorable hand made booties and the coolest “bunting” you’ve ever seen! There was a onesie painting table where everyone could create their own personal onesie for the little girl….I can’t wait to see her in them, they turned out great! And to know what our friends made them for her is even better. Thank you to all who made (or were there in spirit) and thanks to Teri, Doreen, Becky and Lori for putting the shind-dig on! It really meant a lot to us!!!