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Fiona’s Birth Story February 27, 2007

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I know, we disapeared. But I suppose that it’s o.k. to do that right after you have a baby? Well here is my first attempt and getting caught back up. Maybe soon I’ll even start posting photos…wow.

Friday Feb. 9th I got up to go to work like usual. But today something was different. The inconsistant contractions…or at least what I thought were contractions….that I’d been having off and on were back. But this was different because I’d only ever had them at night after a long day, and they’d go away in a couple hours. This time I was having them in the morning. Something new. I mentioned something to Greg about it but we were both getting so tired of saying, “maybe today”, that we just smiled at each other and shrugged our shoulders and went on. I had these little contractions all day at work. They really just felt like cramps, and to be honest I still wasn’t sure if this is what a contraction felt like or if it was just that she was moving things out of her way. I’m glad I was at work all day because it was easy to not pay attention to them. They were never bad enough that they made me catch my breath or anything. It never even occurred to me to “time” these things or anything. Finally around 4 it started catching my attention. And I decided that I would leave right at 5 that day….pretty sure that I would not be coming back to work for a while.

I called Greg as I was leaving to let him know I was going home and that I was pretty sure that we would probably be going to the hospital either later that night or the next day so to be sure he grabbed anything he needed from the office. I called my sister to tell her the same thing…..emphasizing to both of them that I wasn’t sure but I just wanted them to know. The drive home was fine…contractions stayed the same…then I got to the very last stop light before the house. A contraction hit at the same time the light turned green and I noticed that it was a bit difficult to work the clutch. Hmmmm…I thought….maybe this is really it?

I went in the house and and got out my book about all things baby to re-read how I would know if I’m in labor and when I should call the Dr. I called and talked to my Mom to tell her and she agreed that it sounded like I was probably in labor. I called Greg again to tell him I was home and fine and that I thought the contractions were picking up a bit, but he should still pick up zoe from his parents house and all was fine. Then I sat down with my stop watch and started to time.

These things don’t work like they say they do in the books….my contractions were only lasting anywhere from 30 to 50 seconds…totally inconsistent…and they were like 3 to 5 minutes apart….well, uh, the book says to call when you are having 4 an hour…hmmmmm….? Suddenly…and i do mean suddenly….things were different. I could no longer go through a contraction without having to change my breathing, I tried standing up and walking and I had to stop and pause during the contraction. This was a clear sign…the first clear sign. And I thought oh no! Where was the inbetween? I called Greg back, he could hear the stress in my voice….I told him to forget about zoe and GET HOME…we needed to go to the hospital! Then I heard the stress in his voice! My calm nature had given him the impression we had hours, maybe even a day, but no longer. I called my Dr. and he agreed, I should go to the hospital.

It was 6ish on a Friday night…NOT a prime time to cross I-90, I was praying there wasn’t a sonics game that night. Greg got home and the poor guy…he was running around in circles. Our bags were already in the car, but he had a bunch of last minute items he wanted and then he decided he should eat…so he warmed up some pizza in the microwave and ate it all in about 2 minutes.

In the car we went. UNBELIEVABLY there was NO traffic….thank God!! The contractions were bigger and I couldn’t carry a conversation through them. My sister was already on her way to the hospital. We got in to triage and I thought for sure they would send me home. My contractions were good and strong though…and it was almost fun going through one and then looking at the tape to see how big and long it was…it was like a mini-reward. I still wasn’t very far dialated…but my blood pressure was high so they admitted me. LUCKY THING.

We got into the birthing suite and I had already decided I wanted an epideral…I have no idea how people go through this naturaly….not for me. It took a while to get into the room and so by the time we were in there the contractions were even stronger and I asked the nurse about the epideral again (again, LUCKY THING) she called for the guy to come up. Then they had to lay me down on my side to get me ready for the shot.

It wasn’t so much the pain of the contractions that made me want the epidural. It was the feeling of being out of control of my body. My legs were shaking and I felt like I would be sick to my stomach at any minute. The breathing was exhausting and I thought that I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

When they laid me on my side it was horrible. The contractions seemed to double in strength and in pain when I was on my side. Then while I was laying there my water broke. Now I am on my side, I can’t see anything, I am in WAY more pain then I was, and….well let’s just say things were coming out everywhere =) Remember the pizza that Greg ate in 2 minutes. WELL….my senses were hightened and because of his nerves and the speed that ate that pizza he was burping it up….now he was being good….not belching or anything….but I could smell it as if he had belched right in my face….I had to keep telling him he had to go away. My sister and him kept putting their hands on my to calm me but their hands felt like they were 200º and I couldn’t stand them touching me. Greg kept trying to joke with me and I kept trying to tell him that my sense of humor was gone….NO MORE.

The epidural guy got there and truly within minutes the world changed. Aaaaaahhhh……I could stil feel the contractions, but I was in absolutely NO pain…my sense of humor came back and I was able to chit chat…all was good.

The Dr. came in and checked me….still only at 3.5 cm. He told us that it was usually about 1 cm. per hour….we had to get to 10….so we should take this chance to sleep. Greg and my sister kicked off their shoes and got some blankets and we lowered the lights and all settled in for a snooze. I never really fell asleep….I just kept trying to concentrate on the contractions and feel what was going on. My Dr. came back in about 45 minutes later because he didn’t know my water had broke and wanted to talk about braking it. He thought he’d check me while he was there just to see. WOW….IT’S TIME !! What he thought would take about 6 hours took about 45 minutes….I was fully dialated. My sister and Greg jumped up….practically ran into each other….and then started frantically putting on their shoes.

Now was time to push. “She’s a good pusher” my Dr. says…..oh, I bet he says that to all the pregnant ladies =) After about 35 minutes of pushing he wanted to talk to us. The pushing was going good…but the babies heart beat wasn’t coming back up to full speed inbetween contractions like it should…which means that she was under a little stress. He wanted to use the vaccuum on her. He assured us that it was a minor little thing…..they always say that….and that it would only take about 3 contractions ( 9 pushes ) with it and she would be out. We agreed…..I think the thought of using it scared me some … and maybe Fiona too…. we both decided that it wouldn’t be 3 contractions worth…so the next contraction was an extra good push….2 more… I should rest but the Dr. said just one more and she would be out…and sure enough…one more and out she came. It was so fast you couldn’t even see on her head where the vaccuum was used.

I watched Greg’s eyes when she came out…I’ve never seen them that big. He had the most amazing look on his face! He was crying and I was crying and Fiona was crying. It was amazing. I couldn’t hold her right away because they were worried she might have swollowed some marconium (sp?) and so they had to take her away to the table while my Dr. finished up with me. Let’s just say that wasn’t a pretty sight and I was too afraid to ask how many stitches I had ….yikes. Greg’s version of the story of when he looked over to see how I was doing and saw what he describes as a “blood bath” is worth hearing some time if you’re interested =)

Finally I was all buttoned up and Fiona was breathing good and had no worries. She passed all her initial tests with flying colors and she looked great. She was delivered so fast that she didn’t have any mishaping to her head and her skin wasn’t all purple and wrinkly like a lot of new borns. I could hold her. I couldn’t believe it. It was absolutely crazy and amazing. Greg and I made this….wow.

Fiona was 8.8 lbs. and 21 inches long. A big baby by todays standards. Both the Dr. and the nurse commented a couple times that if we ever have more kids I had just better get to the hospital right away after seeing how fast the first one was delivered!

My mom came into the room and got to hold her too…..and then immediately started talking about the next baby we would have. Oh my.

So welcome to the world little miss Fiona Rose. Your mom and dad are so excited to have you join our little family. We can’t wait to see where we will go. Take it easy on us, we have so much to learn. Each day is a new adventure that we all get to tackle together.


“A Better Cervix” February 7, 2007

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Well, Dr. Bob assures me that I am going to have a baby sometime soon. Whew. Things are continuing to progress along…i was informed that I have a “better cervix” today…..better than who I asked…. =) It is continuing to thin….not anymore dilated but he seemed to be in the school of thinning is more important.

My blood pressure however was again very high….just like last time. (last time it went right back down after about 10 minutes and my tests came back totally normal) so they took more blood for more tests and put me back on the monitor. Baby girl was sleeping so they needed to wake her up…they monitor her heart beat in correlation with her movements….the nurse held this little buzzy, vibrating thing near my stomach and before she even touched my belly with it she woke up and gave me a good kick…..this I was assured is a very good sign because she is sensitive to sounds. They took my blood pressure again and it was normal again. And the rest of the reading was good. Baby girl was moving lots with a good heart beat and I was having consistent (though very small) contractions.

He will call me when the test come back and tell me if there is anything to worry about. If they are abnormal he will either decide to induce me or he will put me on bed rest. I am to continue to make sure and take it easy to try and keep my blood pressure down…..he grilled me about my job and I assured him my work place is very mellow (of course all the idiots on the road probably don’t help my cause while getting to my very mellow job…)

He said it will be soon. A sneaky word soon is…it means nothing. It’s like steep or fast or spicy.

The most disappointing part of the whole appointment was that I had to go make yet another appointment for next week….which I REALLY hope to not keep.


Happy Due Date to Us!

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Well, my due date is here. This is an important statement….MY due date. Not necessarily to be confused with HER due date. That is , apparently, completely up to her. I held out some hope that she would be born before this day….but in the back of my mind I’ve been preparing myself to go the distance. 2 more weeks. sigh. This could be the case. I’m not quite sure how I’ll make it 2 more weeks…i’m getting less and less sleep…and actually going to bed sounds more miserable then staying up because I know the discomfort that is waiting for me. This sounds bleek doesn’t it? Greg has been very sweet and doing everything he can do so i can just sit on the couch when i’m feeling like poo. (notice the dr. seuss rhyme)

I have been having contractions….I think i’ve even been having real ones….just not consistant in any way…but another thing I can add to the list of things that have to happen before she will come out =)

I have a Dr. appt. today at 1 p.m. We’ll see what he has to say. I’m hoping at the very least he will say that I’ve been making progress which means it could be even closer. Who knows, maybe he’ll tell me that I’m actually in labor…i just didn’t notice =)


The waiting game February 4, 2007

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I think I’m in trouble. It’s still 3 full days until my actual due date and I’m already feeling like this is going on for way too long! Is this normal? I think it really started on Friday when the wonderful folks at my office threw a shower for me and Ellie (she’s just a week and some behind me in due date) It was wonderful, and they were SO generous! And then that night everyone hugged me and told me good bye and good luck…as if for sure I would not return on Monday. I even felt like for sure I wouldn’t return on Monday….it’s in my brain, as if I’m going to get on an airplane or something tomorrow morning. But the reality is that not only could I return to work tomorrow, but I could return the following Monday……AND I could even return the Monday after that. Very anti-climatic don’t you think?

As long as everyone involved is healthy they won’t induce until 14 days after the due date….it’s all such an imperfect science…and the due date is really a guess…especially when you aren’t actually “planning” on a baby and you really can’t recall the exact date of the last few times you might have gotten pregnant =) TMI?

I’m trying hard to cherish these moments of waiting…knowing that once she does come it will all seem like it went by so fast and I’ll wish that it would slow down.

Maybe those girls that just show up at the hosiptial “now knowing” that they are pregnant have a something. A little ignorance can be blissful =)


THE CANKLE February 1, 2007

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Can•kle [kang-kuhl] : noun, adjective.

\can”kle\, noun.
A condition in which your foot and ankle swell to the equivilant girth of your calf causing your calf and ankle to become one.

ex: Wow, that pregnant lady has huge cankles, she can’t even wear socks! –k.predmore.