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TWO MORE MONTHS!!! April 25, 2007

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well i’ve been keeping a little secret from the blog because i needed to make a decision before i could let it out into the world for all to read.

i’ve been trying to decide what to do with my impending return to work….in just a week-and-a-half.

it suddenly dawned on me just a week ago that i couldn’t do it. none of us were ready. fiona still won’t take a bottle and though her sparkling smiling is shining through more and more each day, she still isn’t an “easy” baby….not to mention that she has a kidney infection and will be at children’s at least one day next week. my mom ( many of you don’t know ) suffered a minor heart attack just a couple of weeks ago. she is fine and recovering well and even spent the day with us. but she still tires easily and is still in some pain from the test procedures. remember that she is supposed to be one of my care givers 2 days a week. and then there’s me, i’m not ready to leave this all…not just yet.

it seems like it was one thing after another but suddenly i was facing leaving an already fussy baby to fuss even more since she won’t be taking the bottle with a mother recovering from a heart attack for around 11 hours a day. how can any of this be good for my family?

the final sign was at our pediatrician appointment last week after our night at children’s. completely unsolicited our pediatrician said, “how are you feeling about returning to work?” it caught me off guard…that someone would ask that question. she then offered up her own experience and some advice and then told me that she would be happy to write me a note to work recommending that i take 2 more months off….that this first 3 had not been easy with fiona and we had been through a lot. wow. that sort of sealed the deal for what i was already thinking….i needed to rethink my immediate future.

we came up with lot’s of options, greg has been completely supportive of this decision, but in the end i was very unclear what i wanted to do. see, i love my job. i really do. i mean if you have to have a job…mine is pretty cool. i work with great people on products that i love in an atmosphere that is very hard to find. the bummer was that if i left it i may not ever get it back. of course my family was worth that….i was ready to leave, but i presented my problem to my work to see how they felt.

and man did they come through. without even really taking time to think about it they said of course. of course take off 2 more months. if in one month it looks like things aren’t getting any smoother, well then a hard decision might need to be made, but for now take the time and do what you need to do. ISN’T THAT AMAZING? see why i love where i work. i mean you know and i know that that’s just a decent thing to do…but how many employers would actually do that?

i can’t tell you what a relief this is to me. 8 more weeks…that’s just a couple short of how many fiona has been in this world. in that time she will change and grow a lot. i honestly don’t know that just 2 months will be enough. until i had fiona i thought 3 would be enough for sure…but now i see…..

this just reinforces once again what is wrong in this country (wait, let me grab my soap box…) there is so much talk about family values. that family values are suffering, and that the family needs to be saved and protected….yet we live in a country where in a lot of cases 2 people need to work to afford a decent life style (not a glamorous one…no…just decent) and yet we only give moms (and rarely dads) 12 weeks off to care for the most deffensless of our kind. we have one of the worst support systems for parents in the world yet we’re one of the wealthiest countries. family values aren’t being ruined because of gay marriage or freedom of choice…family values are being ruined because we are simply not given the time and support we need to be a family.

all right enough, don’t spoil my mood. i get to send 2 more months at home with fiona, what a gift.


Emergency Room Pros April 20, 2007

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Yesterday Fiona was acting very strange for Fiona….you know, she was acting like a “normal” baby…sleeping and very quiet….so I took her temperature in the afternoon…a little high but not too bad. That night Greg got home from his business trip and F was really feeling warm so I took her temp again and this time it was 101.8…..ugh, I called the on call nurse and she said that anything over 101.4 for a baby that age means off to the E.R. we go.

The E.R.? NO! We’ve already been there once and Fiona is only 2 months old…surely there is a cap on this sort of thing? So, with Greg only having been home for 1 hour…off we went. Since we’ve done this before we left the house prepared: food, drinks, overnight bags, fed the pets, fed us….we knew where to park, all about the I.D.’s the paperwork….we were pros.

It was at this time that I realized how tired and sore I was the first time we were there. Fiona was only 8 days old that time so I was very early on in my recovery, and I was MISERABLE….this time I was relaxed and emotionaly stable….it was much better …..well as good as emergency room visits can go.

They took blood and urine…but this time no spinal tap and after observing her and bringing down her fever with tylenol they sent us home and had us visit our Ped. today.

Our Ped. took one look at her labs and knew immediately that the poor little darling has a kidney infection. Apparently it’s not totally uncommon in girls her age and if they see a girl baby with a fever it’s one of the first things they look for. So we were given one BIG antibiotic shot in the thigh and have to get another one tomorrow…..apparently these shots are relatively new and the other option would have been to send us to the hospital for three days for I.V. antibiotics….again…thank god for the shots! Then the fun will really start…the week after next we will have to go to Children’s and they will put dye in her urine and wait till she pees and then do an ultrasound of her kidney’s to see if any of the dye got up into them…apparently a very small percentage of children have a problem with reflux…not related to her acid reflux….where the tube between the bladder and the kidney is too short and the bacteria gets into the kidney…they treat this with a low dose of antibiotics for an extended period of time and as the child grows that tube gets longer and the problem corrects itself…only .09% of kids will actually need minor surgery to correct the problem.

Sigh. So. I had to ask the Dr. today… this just bad luck? uh….I know, we are lucky people…I mean there are thousands of parents out there who have truly sick children and I can’t imagine the suffering they all go through on a daily basis….so I know that….but come on….two trips to the emergency room, an eye infection, acid reflux, colic/fussiness and now kidney infections AND SHE’S ONLY TWO MONTHS OLD!!!!! please tell me this is just bad luck. { i know, and i truly feel in my heart that it is….i just needed to hear it from a professional! } She assured it me it was….that Fiona is a very healthy little girl and that all of these things are very normal things that happen to millions of babies her age…we just happened to get a lot of them =)

Now I see….now I see how important my little fire ball’s temperament is. If she wasn’t so stubborn…so energetic….so sure of herself all of this might really get her down….but she’s a fighter. If she was one of those “normal” “good” babies I might be more worried. A quiet baby that goes with the flow and is sick all the time? Well that sounds like trouble doesn’t it? But a little girl who isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks about things, who won’t settle for anything less than exactly what she wants, a kicker, a thrasher, a squirm out of your diaper and onto your tummy 2 month old…well she sounds like a girl who can take care of herself doesn’t she?


2 Months April 13, 2007

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Well we just got back from our 2 month appointment….and all the shots! Fiona is doing great…she’s over 23″ long…weighs 12.7 lbs….and is around 75% of kids her age….everything is growing great and right on track. She looks good and sounds good and is “still a VERY observant and alert little baby” She smiled and laughed at herself in the mirror and really did great. She of course cried when she got her shots and the Dr. told me to expect her to be fussy for a few days….but then what would be new? Maybe I have an advantage here because it won’t seem that bad to me =) I gave her some tylenol and will probably give her some at least for the rest of today.

We talked more about fussy babies. The good thing is that both of the pediatricians that I see had fussy babies so they’ve been there and know exactly what we’re going through. Really I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that this is how little Fiona is going to be for a while longer…and I think not only is she getting better but I’m getting better and that makes everything…well…better! Now I just need to get my mom to understand that yes…some babies really do cry this much and no…nothing is wrong with her….and maybe, just maybe she actually doesn’t remember like she thinks she does!

We also talked about the bottle. The Dr. that I saw today has a 11 mo. old son who sounds exactly like Fiona. He cried in his car seat and the car….was always fussy….and ABSOLUTELY refused the bottle. I told her that I had read about people offering nothing but the bottle for 48 hours to get the kid to cave and that I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but what where her thoughts. She said she didn’t like the sounds of that either. Basically one of two things will happen when I go back to work. She will finally get hungry enough while I’m gone to take the bottle (her son held out for 10 hrs her first day back to work and then slammed 4 ounces at once and took it after that) or Fiona will figure it out and just won’t eat during the day and then will eat all night long….which of course will mean that I will get considerably less sleep…but my daughter won’t be starving. The Dr. assured me that healthy babies will not let themselves starve so she will figure a way to make up for it one way or another. If she does start losing weight then we can be concerned.

So that’s the deal. I will still offer her a bottle every day till I go back to work and then we will just have to see what she decides to do. I have 2 more bottles still on their way here for her to try. Wish us luck!

(i will post her 2 mo. photo in bit….there are techinical problems on the site right now!)


Mom’s Movie April 12, 2007

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I just returned from a fabulous thing! Every Thursday at 10 a.m. a movie theater in Bellevue has “mom’s movies”. They show current movies (we could choose from Meet the Robinsons, Fire House Dog and Blades of Glory….we saw Meet the Robinsons). It’s all mom’s with small kids and babies….everyone is crying and screaming and breast feeding and walking the isles….and all without ANY dirty looks! They turn the lights up slightly and the sound down slightly…the seats are comfy leather and they rock…..AND they come to your seat and take your food order and then bring it to you so that you don’t have to juggle it all…..all for the same price! It was so great to go out and do something so normal and almost pretend like I’m staying up with current things!

Fi did great….she slept and then ate and then actually she sat and watched quite a bit of the movie…she really does get captivated by video….i know, i know, a bad BAAAD habit…what are you to do? =) There was only a tiny bit of crying at the very end which she stopped once we stood up and bounced….whew!

I think we will go next week too and see Blades of Glory =)


Dad is Home! April 6, 2007

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Well Greg finally arrived back from Asia. It’s great to have him home…but I’ll have to say that it’s a tough transition when he’s back. He was gone just long enough that we got ourselves into a new little routine …. well as routine as we can be =) and then we need to work him back into it (LM…you said this exact thing to me in your email and it’s SO true!!!) This was the outfit we picked daddy up in!

Last weekend Aunt Theresa came and stayed with us and we shopped till we dropped. It was so much fun spending the weekend with her, we really had a great time and I Fiona love her – and her hair…F is already grabbing ahold of it!! i’m glad mine is short!

Tonight we are going to dye Easter eggs with the Hoffman’s …an anual tradition we’ve been doing for years…and then Sunday will be a marathon event of visiting the Grandparents.

Lately I’ve been reading everything I can about sleep habits. There are a lot of decisions to be made about what Greg and I think is best for us and for Fiona. For every one “Dr.” that says crying is o.k. there is another one that says it’s not….I’m sure there’s going to be some crying involved no matter what we decide is best for us…it will just be a matter of picking the one way and the right time and then sticking with it. Since I’ll be going back to work in JUST 4 WEEKS!!! getting prepared to get a sleep schedule down….at least at night….feels important. We really won’t start anything at all until she’s at least 3 months old (she’ll be 2 months on the 10th!) and we might even wait a tiny bit longer just so that I can get into the swing of being back at work…..try not to start too many new things all at once….or maybe that would be better =)

And for those of you who are following…no….we STILL are not taking the bottle. uh….i’m trying not to stress about it too much…but of course all my mother brain can imagine is my poor little girl starving all day while i’m gone and over a period of time she’ll stop growing…..ugh.