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Happy Baby June 25, 2007

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This weekend my sister-in-law, fiona and I went to a baby shower for a friend of ours who has a beautiful little 6 week old girl named Kianna. Kianna slept peacefully away for most of her shower (except when they were opening gifts which was very cute because she ‘obviously’ wanted to see what she was getting!). Since the star of the show was sleeping little miss Fiona got a fare amount of attention as she smiled and laughed her way around the room. We heard comment after comment, “you have such a happy baby!”, “I’ve never seen a baby smile so much!”. Valerie and I just laughed….if they only knew! But it made me think….gee, maybe I do have a happy baby. Maybe the tides have changed. I’m so used to her being so unhappy, crying so much….i’ve always got my guard up, always ready for the next tantrum….but maybe that has passed. Maybe I need to open my eyes and see her for who she is today….not who she was yesterday. I have a happy baby. It’s going to take some time…I have to say that I think I am a little gun-shy….maybe even a bit traumatized (too dramatic? no…holding a screaming baby for 3 months is traumatic) Now maybe she’s going to have to wait till I grow out of that stage. I’m sure by then we’ll be in a new one. For now I’ll just enjoy my happy baby and remember when.


Just an Observation June 19, 2007

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When Fi was first born we were told by many people that the first few months are the hardest. Then we heard that months 4 to 8 were the hardest. My friend informed me that the first 6 months are the hardest and just the other day my neighbor said, “oh yah, the first year…it’s the hardest”. At a party a friend with grown kids told us that the teenage years were by far the hardest and online last night I read that , “really, months 9 to 18 are the hardest”.

Is it the kid or the parents that determine which months are the hardest? Or both? Is it ever easy? If it was would there be more or less people in the world?


Back to Work…sort of

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Well today I sort of started back at work. Turns out that they are slammed in my office so we have arranged for me to start working on some projects from home “part time”….you know how that goes…I already have a ton of work to do! It was nice going into the office this morning and being in a meeting with adults =) I guess it was nice to feel productive…which is so funny because really raising our children to be grown contributing membors of society is a pretty productive task in and of itself but the little quantitative tasks that I’m given to do at work seem to fill that feeling more so.

This is good…so my mom will take care of Fi on mondays and tuesdays and I will sit in my office and work with my headphones on so that I can’t hear her out there =) and when she needs to eat mom will just bring her in. Wed. and Thurs. I will take her to Greg’s parents which will be a little more tricky because I’ll have to stop what I’m doing and drive over there to feed her. We’ll see how it goes. This will also give us a chance to see what it will be like trying to balance two working parents and a baby….the small amount of housework that I am able to get done during the day won’t happen and we’ll have to be even better with our time (for instance I cleaned the bathroom at 9 p.m. tonight) and this doesn’t even take into account having a commute…etc….

BUT… i’ll be making a pay check…which will be nice =)

Fiona is doing great…she looks like a baby bird…her mouth is always open and as soon as she can get one thing into her mouth she’s already looking at the next to try and figure out how to get that into her mouth. She’s really pushing up with her arms now while she’s on her tummy and just barely starting to pull her knees up ( i can totally see an “army man” crawl in her future! )


Four Glorious Months! June 12, 2007

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Today was Fiona’s 4 month check-up and all is good! She weighs 15.7 lbs (90%) , is 25.25″ long (80%) and 16.5″ head circumfrence (75%). Who would have ever guessed that Greg and I would have a tall baby? Our Dr. was thoroughly impressed with how active and alert Fiona is. She couldn’t believe how well she was standing and how much she was moving and “trying to go”. She was impressed that Fi makes eye contact and really engages herself in her interactions with people. She can already do everything that she is supposed to do developmentally a month from now so we are pretty sure that she has a fake i.d. and is really older then she told us. Dr. Larsen reassured us that once Fiona can do things for herself she will be even more fun and a lot happier…at least that’s what she’s found from babies like her, and to just hang on through this time that can be exhausting when you have a wiggler. (we think this will be true for Fi…she’s just so frustrated!) She also mentioned that she rarely has to “wrestle” a 4 month old to check her out but she did with Fiona…not to mention that Fi kept grabbing all her instruments! Oh she is a delight! The shots are always a bummer and fi was sleepy and cranky all day today but should be better by tomorrow. She recommended the book “The Spirited Child” so i have it on hold at the library for us to read up on…better start getting some negotiating skills in my pocket early =)


Safety First June 11, 2007

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A question for moms out there ( i now know that I have a blog-stocker or two…and i love it because i stalk other people’s blogs all the time!!!….so if you have input don’t be shy…..i’d love to hear it! )

Greg and I are starting to think about baby proofing our home but we don’t know where to start. Looking at all the products out there we can tell that just like anything baby you can go totally overboard if you want to. We don’t want to do that…and we do believe in discipline and teaching “don’t touch”, but we also don’t want to be the people on the 5 o’clock news who say “we just turned our back for a second and….” So if anyone has any input on things that they think are absolute musts….or things that people don’t usually think about…or things that are just a time/money suck please let me know.

I know that a lot of this will just have to wait to see what Fiona decides to get into. She may never try to get into the toilet…or she may decide to flush every detached item from our home down it….we won’t know until the time comes…but a little upfront preparedness would be good.

I can tell you that she is ENERGETIC….the girl can not sit still for a minute….I was thinking today as I held her and she squirmed and looked and sat and stood and twisted and turned that we don’t need a nanny for this girl…we need to find a handler for her!


Welcome To My Crib Yo

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When I was pregnant I had this plan that my sweet little baby would spend her first few months sleeping next to our bed in her tiny little bassinet. It was such a rosie little mental picture. But the first night home my sweet little baby taught me a thing or two about plans and cried and cried and cried in her tiny little bassinet. Finally Dad took her and put her down in bed next to him and the little darling slept soundly. This was how we became “accidental co-sleepers”. We didn’t plan to be co-sleepers, in fact, I was pretty against doing it convinced of the tales that I heard that this practice would lead to on-going sleep issues. It’s the same thing that we were told about letting our dog into bed….and they were right….our dog still sleeps in bed with us, along with our three cats. But she stopped crying and at that point in the game that was all that mattered. The next morning I laughed at the thought that we let all of our pets sleep in our bed with us but we weren’t about to let our own daughter.

Co-sleeping worked out beautifully for us. Now, you know all about our fussy issues. I’ve gone on and on about having a high needs baby, her crying and her strong will…but what I haven’t told you about is the way she sleeps…..soundly. I’m knocking on wood now as I write this, partially afraid to jinx our luck and partially afraid for another sleep deprived mother to read this. With in just a few nights Fiona has slept soundly next to us (she eats a few times a night…but soundly meaning that other then waking to eat…she sleeps!). Once I figured out how to side nurse it became even better. She would stir a bit and I would roll over a bit and she would nurse without either of us really waking up…other then that, not a peep until around 6:30 or 7 a.m.

Then one day she learned she could roll over and our sleeping arangement stopped being quite to beautiful. Fiona would still sleep soundly through the night but she would wriggle and wiggle and kick and squirm and try so hard to roll over all night long that I wouldn’t get any sleep at all. So a few nights ago I set up the Pack n Play next to our bed and tried having her sleep in there for a night. It went very smoothly but it still didn’t sit right with me. Our night was going something like this….Fi falls asleep, I put her in her crib 7:30 or 8 ish…she might wake one or two times….then I move her to our bed when we go to sleep so I can give her a good feeding…then I move her to the pack-n-play to sleep…then when she wakes it’s back into our bed to eat and then back into the pack-n-play….so by the end of the night she has slept in three different beds…this can’t be good. SO…

On the eve of her 4 month birthday bright eyes bit the bullet and slept all night long in her big girl crib. I should say Mom bit the bullet. It was so sad. It seemed so weird to have all of us asleep in our bedroom and just little Fiona all by herself asleep in hers….but it went well. She slept great! I fed her before we went to bed as usual and she woke up one time to be fed again…but went right back to sleep….and woke up this morning around the same time as always and I found her chatting away with her little octopus friend and got a big smile when she saw me.

I missed my little cuddly girl snuggled up next to me…but I had to realize that my little cuddly girl was already gone and had become a squirmy-wormy girl who needed her own space! I remember worrying about how we would move her out of our bed someday and I heard from more then one mom that we would all just know when it was time. I couldn’t imagine it then but here we are at only 4 months and I know exactly what they meant! I’m not against regression. If things go south in the crib we are perfectly fine with taking her right back into bed with us…but for now my little girl has her first taste of her own space.


For the Record June 6, 2007

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and for those of you who might have a doubt…here is what we have tried:

16 different bottles
1 sippy cup
facing out
on the boppy
facing in
on her back
on her side
while walking
while bouncing
on the floor
in her car seat
in her vibrating seat
wile being read to
half asleep
totally awake
formula (2 kinds)
just water
warm milk
cold milk
10 different people

and my favorite:
half way through feeding her I try and slip the bottle in. She stops, looks at me and screams. Then when I go to feed her again she checks with her tongue first to make sure that it’s really me before she latches on.