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9 Months November 15, 2007

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blogimgp3196.jpgblogimgp3202.jpgblogimgp3203.jpg(the puppy is my sisters)

Glorious nine months! Things are good in Fiona land. We had her 9 month check up today and she is great! She’s 19.01 lbs. (50%) and 28″ long (75%)….she’s getting longer and leaner everytime. The only issue is her little eye is always kind of weepy so we are being sent to an eye doctor to see if her tear duct might need to be opened a bit…which we understand to be a very common thing these days…it’s all the fashion you know =) When the Dr. came in Fiona was standing on the table holding onto the mirror jumping up and down and screeching at herself ….when she heard the dr.’s voice she stopped and turned and pointed at her and started “talking” to her. “Well, that answers about half of our questions” said the doc. =)

We could tell Fiona has been “slimming down” from the pants Greg’s mom bought her a month ago…when she first got them they fit her well but were a bit too long…now they are just right in length but they fall down around her bum…she is a very busy little girl and it’s taking all that baby pudge right off (though there is still plenty to squoosh on in the tub). It seems as though she could walk any day now…but i know sometimes it seems like they are so close and they could be months away…but she walks all over the house with her little walking toy and she’s been standing up more and more on her own. She really understands what we’re talking about now and follows our conversations well….the other day she started clapping so we started singing patty-cake to her and her arms went flying in the air for the (toss it in the air!) part of the song…that was the first real clear sign that she’s actually been paying attention all these months. WOW, communication…it’s so weird…finally i’ve started to become accustomed to this little foreign speaker in my midst…talking out loud to her but seemingly to myself…and now, low and behold, she understands!

she loves “wrestling” with her daddy on the couch…and her favorite toy right now is her “baby”….we may need to report fi to C.P.S. for the way she treats baby…there is a lot of biting and head banging and screaming in her ear while she slaps her head…not to mention the eye gouging she gets when you ask “where are babies eyes”….but i think it’s love just the same.

So all is good. What a difference 9 months makes. I swear the first 4 were like 9 years…and now this time is speeding by. We’re having so much fun with her. And now the real test; bring on the holidays!


oh bananas

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November 4, 2007

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This morning was a very sad morning, but one that reminded me of something that we all know and yet we easily let fall to the back of our minds.

A dear friends 22 year old son died unexpectedly this last week and this morning was his funeral. As we were hugging he whispered in my ear, “go home today and hold your baby and remember this. We had many hard times with are son, we thought we wouldn’t make it through the teenage years, we were so frustrated with him. But today I would give everything in the world to get those frustrating times back because even those times are special. Love every moment you have.”

I know it’s a human trate to not realize fully what we have until it’s gone. I know it’s common during tragic times to see these things so clearly yet when life is running normal we push those things to the side and get caught in the moment. I can only hope that I am able to hold his words in the times that they are needed most and that sharing them with you now will keep them fresh in your mind as well. That as always, in tragedy there are glimmers of hope and lessons for others to learn and cherish.


Halloween November 2, 2007

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Here’s some pictures from Halloween…and of the pets…it seems the costumes were a big hit with the kitties =) And I had to post the picture of zoe loving on fiona’s “baby”….there’s pictures of fiona and i together…i just don’t have them yet. We just walked around the block and visited our good friends in the neighborhood. Fiona loved watching all the other little kids around. The baby is our new friend Amelia (8 weeks), you might recognize the chicken suit from Fiona’s closet =) I learned that we have an AWESOME neighborhood for trick or treating…our neighbors across the street had a bowl of toys for babies and the guys around the corner had a bowl of airplane size liquor bottles for adults….looks like we might need to step up our game next year!


Blogapy? Theralog?

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A few years ago I thought blogging was one of the silliest things I’d ever heard of.

It wasn’t until my friend Laura started her blog that my feelings changed (thanks l.mount!). I was obsessed with it. I couldn’t wait to read her days trials and tribulations as a new mother. When I learned that I was pregnant my obsession grew and I used her blog as a research tool for my future.

When I started my own blog I thought it would be a great way of keeping everyone up to date about Fiona without having to send out random emails to everyone all the time. But now, NOW I’ve found that it’s one of the cheapest forms of therapy out there. Not only do I read countless other blogs from mother’s with wee ones….trying to learn from their experiences or ease my own worries…but I’ve found that for whatever reason, writing down my problems and concerns and posting them to the cyber world seems to free my mind from them.

Since my post on “winter stew” I’ve found many kindred mothers….it seems that this feeling is nothing new. Whether stay-home or working full time this “new” life takes some adjusting to. Thank you to all that sent me their good energies and empathetic advice. I’m just about done simmering. I’ve finally accepted that I need to move past this, embrace where I’m at and find a new way to do things. I’ve come up with a plan to get me exercising once again, and if I can actually employ the plan I will start feeling better in no time. Greg gets home on wed. and hopefully that will help to spur me on.

The cyber world is good to me and it’s hourly rate seems very affordable!