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mmmmm spoon feeding January 29, 2008

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we’ve been working on using a spoon all by ourselves. working is the important word here.



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Sunday January 27th, 2008 Fiona Rose Golding slept completely through the night! She woke up 30 minutes earlier then normal. Mom did not sleep all they way through the night.

I was informed that about the time I’m able to sleep through the night again she will stop =)


Brrrrr Spring January 26, 2008

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The last few days around Seattle have been beautiful! It’s been very cold (well VERY cold for seattle…in the high 20’s low 30’s) but clear and blue and sunny out! Yesterday we loaded up the car and went over to our friend Stephanie’s house in Ravena. She has a little one on the way so i’ve been clearing out my closets and toy room to her. She has a beautiful golden retriever that Zoe loves! so we all packed up and walked to Green Lake and went around the lake. The dogs had a great time and so did the girls. Fiona was in her stroller for a really long time but loved it. There were all sorts of dogs and people for her to see…plus I think she is finally big enough that she sits up a bit in her stroller and can see better which helps her longevity in it….maybe now she will actually last for a full run! Anyway…it was beautiful out. Then this morning ellie and jackson came over and we went for a hike through kelsie creek farm park , checked out the animals and again Fiona did great in the back pack.

This makes me really excited for spring. This beautiful weather is giving us just a taste of what we have to look forward to and I can’t wait. It felt so good to get out of the house and move again. Not to mention that Zoe dog loved it and REALLY needs to get out and exercise as much as her mom does (people have given her a new nickname, “the ottoman”…thankfully no one has dared to call me that yet =)


The cutest thing

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Fiona is really good at mimicking whatever it is you’re doing (except nodding yes =) She loves to sit on the counter with her toothbrush and move it back and forth in her mouth just like us, she taps her foot, waves, gives high-5’s, blows kisses etc. all of which started out as just mimicking and some of which I think she has finally made a connection to. But yesterday I had to stop and marvel at my little girl. I was vacuuming the house and I turned around to see her with extra vacuum “arm” (?) and attachment right behind me running it across the floor. She has gone into the closet where the vacuum lives and found that and brought it out and was “vacuuming” right behind me. I think this is fairly advanced for a 11 month old (?) To recognize what it was , where to find it, and what to do with it? Maybe we’ll have to get Auntie Valerie to come over and start doing physics problems in front of her =)

Let’s see….what else does she know now….she puts her hat on and off of herself and us and even zoe…she knows her socks and shoes belong on her feet although she has yet to figure out how they get there…she can take her bib off (great), and she loves to tickle tickle tickle your feet!


Bye bye Daddy January 20, 2008

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I just wanted to post these pix of Fiona because she has the funniest grin in the world. I also have finally updated our photo site so if you visit it you can see way more pictures and up to date pictures.

Greg leaves tomorrow for Asia. He’s gone for 11 days, home for three weeks, leaves for awhile, is home for 3 more weeks then leaves again. The travel is really getting old and I’m starting to dread when he goes just because there is so much to do around the house and only me to do it…I guess I’m lucky because I have a “husband” that really does do a lot around the house! It’s a little easier with Fi now that she’s older when it’s just her and I, but the nights where it takes me forever to get her down to bed are hard because it leaves me no time to get anything ready for the next day.

Tomorrow we also go to the eye dr. with Fi. She still has a goopy eye, though it’s gotten better in the last few weeks….but the Dr. will look at it and determine whether they need to go in and open up her eye ducts or if they will just open further as she grows. I’m hoping they decide that they are opening on their own because the other requires day surgery and that just doesn’t sound like fun!


Apparently I’m Not SuperWoman January 19, 2008

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Just another growing pain here…

Before I had Fi I knew for sure I would be back exercising on a regular basis within months of her birth. I knew for ABSOLUTE sure I’d be ready for a race by the following spring. And man, by the time she was a year old I would be full on racing again, and Team in Training? No problem.

In a couple of weeks the kick-off for Maui (my favorite group, race and well…buffet) will begin. I was in. I was going to do it. Train 3 days a week with the team….well sure I’d miss some, but no problem. Raise 5,400.00? Sure it would be harder this time…but no problem.

But…there is a problem. Reality. Reality is my problem.

Apparently I work full time. Yes, 40 + hours a week.¬† And when I’m not working not only do I have a house to keep up, groceries to buy and pets to care for…but oh yah, I’m a mom. And crazy as it sounds… I like to spend every single minute I have to spend with my baby. Oh, and did anyone mention to me that my husband travels every month for weeks at a time and that it is really frowned upon in our society to leave your 1 year old at home alone while you go on a 3 hour bike ride or to the gym? huh.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I was being pressured by my own misconceived notions. I keep finding myself in this position…what I thought I could do and what the reality is. Of course, once I admitted to myself that I was crazy for thinking I could pull it off and let myself be o.k. with¬† not being able to do everything I felt much better.

So no…no team in training for now. I’m not even going to guess as to when I can add that back into my life. I am going to pick a couple of races this summer to train for…sure there won’t be any sea turtles on the swim course or cocunut-macadamia nut- waffles the next morning…but I get something no one else does….Fiona Rose.


Catch up

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I have my computer back and a months worth of blogging to catch up on….it’s all down bellow. I can’t believe that I hadn’t really posted since before christmas….that seems like it was eons ago! Anyway…if you have nothing else to do (because I know my friends are all so non-busy) read backward…it goes back a couple of pages….enjoy!