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Toddler Guidance April 25, 2008

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Remember way back when Fiona was a baby and I would go on and on about the wonderful “class” i attended called first weeks and the wonderful woman who moderated the class…answered all of our questions and assured us all that “This Too Shall Pass” ?  It’s been months since I’ve been able to attend her weekly get togethers…and actually Fi is too old to even go anymore. I’ve been missing her guidance and her reassurance…not to mention the great things you learn sitting in a room full of parents with kids your own age. So a month or so ago I contacted her to see if she would be interested in talking to a group of us about toddler discipline….or as we coined it…guidance. There were many other parents who were excited about this opportunity so once Ann agreed to do it we easily found a full house. We all met last Sunday and talked with Ann for a couple of hours about what stages our kids were in and how we can start now to set them (and us) up for a successful future. We learned a lot of interesting things….as usual one of the best things I learned is that pretty much everyone is experiencing the same issues so it’s all “normal” =) She had some very interesting things to think about…one of which is that she doesn’t believe in the time-out method. I found that pretty interesting because that’s all you hear about these days…if you hadn’t heard it before one night of watching Super Nanny and it’s ingrained in you. Her thoughts (and she offered a book called ,“Being the Parent You Want To Be” that discusses it further) is that by removing the children from the situation removes them from learning about their mistakes. The focus becomes about sitting in the chair or being in time out…and if you have a spirited child that day the focus could become about a physical power struggle to keep the child in the spot you told them to stay in.  It’s always interesting to hear a different point of view!

We also talked about repeating what we learned from our parents and how it’s difficult to step back and look at how you were disciplined and decide if that’s what you want to do or if you want to handle things differently and then setting your own rules to follow. I catch myself already saying things and doing things when if I think about it they’re either not important to me or I would actually do it differently…it’s just ingrained.

Anyway…the talk was great. It was good to see and hear thoughts from different people and to get ann’s guidance once again. We’re trying to get off on the right foot…but then we are only parents.


Fun In The (lack of) Sun

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Saturday was another gross miserable rainy grey day. Greg got up and out early for a very wet ride around the lake so Fi and I decided to have a little fun. These activities go much better with Dad out of the house because anything that may involve making a mess makes him very nervous =)

anyway….dad was gone…so i cleared out the kitchen floor…locked all the pets outside…and filled a pan with white rice, one with pasta and one with cornmeal…gave fi three little cups and let her rip. She had a great time and I got the refrigerator cleaned out. It was a nice morning =)



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First things first before I get caught up here. There is a long overdue (in more ways then one!) WELCOME to baby Malcolm Davis Bryan born on Wed. April 16th….oh you know…like almost two weeks late =) I got to go and visit the beautiful little family last Saturday and everyone seems to be doing just so fine. Malcolm is beautiful and perfect and I hold the distinction of being the first person that he threw up all over….i believe he may be a bit of a comedian since I had just finished telling his parents about projectile vomit…his timing was impeccable! Mommy Stephanie if you find time to read this we think of you all every night and wish you peaceful rest, patience and a strong strong sense of humor!


Is it the grey seeping in? April 17, 2008

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Overwhelming? What is? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the weather? The change of season? I don’t know. It seems that everyone I talk to lately is feeling overwhelmed. Too busy at work. Too busy at home. Not enough time. Not enough space. I know I’ve been feeling it. Notice from my blog that I haven’t even had time to write or post. I’m not sure if it’s just Seattle….we’ve only had one sunny day in months, it’s supposed to snow again this weekend. We NEED our vitamin D !!! Maybe we’re all overwhelmed with grey and cold? Is it the same everywhere else?

We have been busy. Silly silly me took on a freelance job…uh…a freelance job? I have a full time job and a toddler…a house and a family…I don’t have time for freelance. But I took it on. It’s kept me busy. Last weekend we went to Portland to visit some family friends (more on that later) we had a great time, but busy busy busy! I have been finally forcing myself to get up in the morning and run or swim….i know that in a week or so it will feel good =) but along with this overwhelming feeling I have this strange feeling that my body is holding onto something. I’m focusing on my food because I need to so I’m hoping that it’s just being stubborn and soon will let go. I’m visiting my natural path next week too hoping that maybe she has some answers. Am I still adjusting from the weening?  I’m not sure.

We have a lot of fun in store for us this weekend….I will do my best to post…I hope for Seattle’s sake that the overwhelmed is soon chased away by the sun. I just thought of something. Maybe we’re all not overwhelmed…maybe we’re all underwhelmed? hmmmm, interesting.

Sorry this entry is choppy…off tempo…fragmented….it’s just like us.


Food Swap

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wow i know i’m really behind on the blog…so this happened the weekend before last…but…. we had a good old fashioned food swap at my house. The idea behind it is that everyone who is attending makes one dish large enough to give everyone else who is attending two servings. Show up with enough freezer containers to take home your servings home in and everyone swaps food. The “theme” if you will was healthy, easy, organic, local (if possible), and easily adaptable for kids. We only had 4 of us that could make it but it went really well and we’ve been enjoying some fabulous foods from our freezer the last week. I think we make this an every-other-month event. It’s a great way to fill your freezer, cut back on your nightly work and try some new recipes that you might never test out yourself.

I also took this time to change out most of my plastic tupperware for glass. I really like the glass stuff so far…I’m a little nervous setting in our freezer…but otherwise it makes it so easy to just defrost and pop in the microwave…no more transferring to a “safe” plate. I’m still using some plastic for storing my cut up veggies (i chop and dice all my veggies for the week on sunday to save time for dinner/lunch through the week) in the fridge for the week but the rest are finding happy little homes out in the garage with Greg’s bike parts.

The pix are of fiona and jackson playing in the kitchen…and fiona kicking back with a coke =) and her favorite friend of all Zoe-the-ottoman.



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Just wanted to post this pix of fi and her blueberry jam face. I think she likes it.


Left Home For The First Time April 3, 2008

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Last week i went on my very first trip away from home away from Fi over night! I had a photo shoot in Hood River Oregon and was gone for a couple of days. <i left monday and got home wed. afternoon> My mom was at our house while i was gone…it was her days to take care of fi anyway so it worked great. Greg and grandma had some trouble getting little miss to go to sleep at night…but other then that it seemed to go smoothly.

I had a good time and was so busy that I didn’t have that much time to think about not being home. I have to admit that it was really nice to go have a beer after the shoot and not have to worry about anyone but myself! No cats, no dogs, no baby, whew….it was a weird feeling but it did make me realize how much I carry around (we…actually…greg too) with this new responsibility!

When I got home Fi was super excited. I was prepared for her to give me the cold shoulder but nothing doing. She was happy…a little clingy the next morning…but other then that all was good!