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OH POOP – everyone out of the pool May 27, 2008

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Ellie and I had made big plans to get up monday morning and go for a hike – or something. But when monday morning came around our whirlwind weekend was catching up to us and we were all feeling a bit lax. Ellie is great at rallying and I swear I would leave the house about half as much if it wasn’t for her so we made smaller plans and put them off for a hour or so.

Fiona really needed a bath so in the tub she went. With hair all soaped up (her least favorite thing) and ready to be rinsed it happened. Poop. Poop happens. And it was in the tub….the tub with all her toys….and her with soaped up hair needing to be rinsed. So out of the tub she came….out came the poo…out came the toys…back into the tub for a rinse under the faucet (really hated)…and back out again…with tears of wanting to be back in the tub…tears of not wanting her hair rinsed she ran naked through the house. This makes her happy so I let her go. Within minutes it happened. Pee. Pee happens. And let this be a warning to you all…when it happens on hardwood floors it’s very slippery. So down she went. More tears.

The message of the morning was apparent. We aren’t leaving the house. We have been on the go too much and need to slow it down and just play. I called and canceled the plans. Fi and I spent the next hour or so smashing crackers into the bed while I tried to get the sheets off to wash them. It felt great.



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Sunday night Fi and I headed over to Chris and Ellie’s house for an impromptu BBQ with friends. It often seems like the last minute plans work out the best almost everyone she invited could make it. It was mostly the families from PEPS so Fi had lots of little friends to play with. It’s so fun to watch them now…they still don’t really play with each other but they are starting to interact a bit and watch each others every move.

I’m sure just having a baby the same age is enough to keep people talking…but this group of folks is really wonderful and fun to spend time with, it’s a great group of people and I always feel lucky to have been welcomed into the group.

We ate lot’s of great food and lounged around the lawn…the perfect memorial day BBQ


I’m a Keeper

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Sunday we ran more weekend errands in the a.m. and played till nap time. Fiona has a book with a piano key board on it that has songs to play and sing to. She wanted to read that book so we sat down with it and when I turned to the page that has “Row Row Row Your Boat” on it she started singing “Row Row Row Row Row Row”…it’s great if I start singing she’ll wait a bit and then join in…I feel like i’m at camp and we’re doing a round =) Grandma and Grandpa Predmore stopped by on their way to go see Cirque (at marymoore park) and Grandpa had a gift for Fi. He picked it out AND ORDERED it out off a catalog all by himself!



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It’s Memorial weekend and I’m actually almost writing this in real time…meaning it’s still technically the weekend and I’m actually already posting! Greg left for China on Friday so Fi and I have the 3 day weekend all to ourselves. This trip is only 8 days…which is relatively short for China trips. It’s funny when Greg is gone the old highly-social me comes back out and Fi and I seem to have plans from morning to night. When daddy is home we are much more likely to be found around the house.

Saturday morning Fi and I got up and took Zoe dog to the arboretum to meet Ellie and Jackson for a walk/hike/park date. It was supposed to be cold and rainy…and looked that way when we left the house….turns out the sun quickly burnt through the clouds and Fi and I were roasting in our long sleeves. We still had a great time playing on the slide and wandering through the beautiful park. Ellie and I have found that (during non-traffic times) the montlake area is a perfect place for us to meet and seems to be about half-way time wise between our houses. Lucky for us there is lot’s to do in that area.

After the arboretum we went home for a nap ( well…fi napped…I cleaned the bathroom, weeded the front a bit, took a shower, made us lunch and packed her bag for the next adventure. When Fi woke up we headed to Seattle to meet Tami and Jennifer (friends from work…well really friends…but i work with them too =) and we went off to the Folk Life Festival. On our way I handed Fi one of her favorite books in the car and she read it all the way to Tami’s house….it was so funny to look back at her and see her calmly reading her book while we drove:

Fiona thought it was pretty funny when we picked up Jen and Tami and quickly embraced the “girls” trip. Folk life was a ZOO. Obviously I am a different person then I was not long ago….or there really are just that many more crazy people out there. The crowd was packed into the Seattle Center. It was hard to find any music…which was a shame…We found a funny group of people dancing…great people watching….and caught the end of a fabulous African Band (fi had a chance to show off her dancing skills) but for the most part we hung out on a grass long in the “children’s” section….that had little going on so there were hardly any people there. We walked around the park once and J-Go…true to form…found us some free yogurt samples which I believe was the highlight to Fi’s trip. People were tripping on the stroller and giving dirty looks…I was trying really hard not to run into anyone. I was happy to leave. It made me wonder if it was really that bad or if I was just that much older/different. Anyway….we went to Georgetown where the crowds are small and the people are sweet. We ate dinner at Calamity Jane’s and had a wonderful time.


And So Is The Word of Fiona May 26, 2008

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Just a little funny….last sunday we attended a memorial service for an old friend of gregs family. They had been neighbors for years and years and gregs parents became very close with them. Dot passed away last June but they waited to have the memorial until now. It was in Kelsey Creek Park and just out in one of the covered areas with just about 30 people there. We sat in the back so I could sneak off with Fiona and keep her entertained. The minister didn’t talk a ton but at one point he was saying something about Dot hearing God’s voice when it was time (she had been in a care facility for months) and God said to her…..and just about that time Fiona let out a very loud “whoooooaaaaaa hoooooo whooooo!”. I thought Greg and I were going to lose it we were starting to laugh so hard. I hope everyone else there had as good a sense of humor. At least I know that Dot would have found it funny. I guess that’s all that matters.


Here Comes The Sun {to the house of plastic}

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So…this is a posting for last weekend….

It was a GREAT weekend. The sun FINALLY came out. OMG! It was so good to see it. Dad went out for a super long ride saturday a.m. and Fi and I decided to go run all of our errands so we could get them out of the way and enjoy the weekend. My mom had told me that she wanted to buy Fiona a “water table” (not to be confused with a highly controversial form of torture our current government endorses) so while we were out we made a stop at the (also highly controversial) Toy R’ Us to add to our growing pile of plastics we seem to be accumulating in our apparently-not-so-green home. Mom also found Fi a perfectly sized chair for our patio so when we got home we drug out the new chair and set up the new water table. Within 15 minutes of the chair being out fiona stood up in it…leaned against the back…and bammo…face first into the concrete.

Scraping the skin off her nose and lip and leaving a big old bruise on her forehead. Oh well…it’s broken in now…. (the chair and the forehead….) the Water table is a HUGE success and she played at it for hours and hours…really honestly….for hours it kept her entertained.

Later that day after her nap Ellie and Chris and Jackson came over for a BBQ. It was fun to have the kids together….it seems like it’s been forever that they’ve had a chance to play. Jackson taught Fi how to climb up onĀ  her slide by herself and fully mastered the technique of jumping off the slide instead of sliding down it…and just like that gone are the days of not having to worry every second if she’s outside and I have to run in for something…..

Bring on the summer!


Bike To Work Month

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May is (was) bike to work month. Our office is full of avid commuters – so with my new bike just waiting to be ridden I joined a commuting team. Unfortunately for them (well … me) the 2nd week into it I came down with a really bad cold that last way more then a week so I didn’t earn as many points as I had hoped for my team. The good news is that my round trip is 28 miles so I still scored as many points as some folks that rode in more. Above is what my commute over the i-90 bridge is like….on a beautiful day that is….. =) and our bike room at work. That’s a lot of commuters!

I love commuting by bike but it’s really hard to do with Fi just because of the time it takes out of my day. I’m still hoping to do the full commute at least one day a week through out the summer but the other days I might have to drive to Mercer Island and ride from there. At least I’m cutting out some gas consumption and taking one car half-way off the road =)