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Never Felt So Old June 9, 2008

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This weekend our neighbors held their Annual Prom Night Dance Party….every year on Bellevue prom night they hold their own prom for all us old folk =) Greg and I had no idea what to wear and I waited too long to start looking so instead of trying to pull off a prom outfit we decided to go as “chaperones” =) Greg was a 9th grad social studies teacher and I was 10th grade home-ec…i made my own dress don’t you know? =) (and uh, that would be a pillow stuffed in my bootie…and don’t forget to check out my socks) We had a ton of fun and let me tell you these chaperone’s know how to boogie!

We left Fiona with her very first non-relative babysitter(s). I know…we’re very spoiled will all our family being close by. I work with a guy that lives just a couple of blocks away and his daughter and her friend just took a babysitting class so we thought we’d give them a go. They’re (only) 12 so I don’t know if i’d feel comfortable just yet leaving fiona with them if we were far away or for a long time…but we were just two houses away and her parents were just 2 minutes away…and fiona was going to be sleeping the whole time anyway. (not to mention there were two of them =) Fiona LOVES these girls…i’ve never seen her just totally take to someone like that when i’m still in the room…it was great to see – she was almost giddy with them – like she knew they were somehow different then a grown up and would most likely be more fun.

This by far was the oldest I’ve ever felt though. Showing the girls around the house, telling them that there were chips and soda in the kitchen and they should help themselves. Going over emergency numbers and procedures. I remember what it was like babysitting at their age…watching the parents get ready to go out…thinking, “they’re cool for old people”, placing them in the same grouping with my parents. Greg (though he’d probably deny it) had his i-pod on as if to show them that “we’re hip”.

We didn’t get out of the house until close to 9 and we were home by midnight. We had a great time and I’m glad that we are starting to branch out and find some babysitters for hopefully more nights out together. We danced so much my bum was a bit sore the next morning. I’m pretty sure we are still cool….for old people.