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Fi updates July 31, 2008

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I know my posting is erratic at best…and maybe I’ll get some images up one of these days. But so that I can keep this record going I thought I’d just post little tidbits about what Fi is doing these days.

We feel like she’s just about to explode in the language department…she has several words (including “booger” and “cool” while i was in germany) but recently her babbling has gotten so conversation like that you almost think she’s really saying something to you and it take a minute to realize she isn’t using real words.

She RUNS everywhere … and to this day is never still. She LOVES her yellow blankie and carries it everywhere with her, often dragging it behind just like Linus in Snoopy.

Every night when we get home the first thing she wants to do is go play “boom” which is a game that her and her dad made up. We go in and get on the bed and take turns pushing each other down or tossing her and flipping her yelling “BOOM!” as we go….they’ve now added “BAP” which is when you hit each other with pillows. She is truly her daddy’s girl.

She is crazy about LO! LO! (lotion) and loves to squirt it and rub it on her face and neck….and usually sneaks a mouthful too. Really fi? does it taste that good?

I’d think she was going to be a girlie girl because she loves lotion and polish and jewelry. She has her own “neck neck” which is a necklace and constantly is trying to dress herself…once she realizes she can’t get something over her head she holds onto it with her chin and walks around as if she’s wearing it. I said “I’d think” because more then once she’s woken up in the night and called out for “dirt dirt” which she loves to dig in – and – put down her pants and into her shoes.

If I didn’t know it wasn’t possible I’d be sure she’s going to turn into a giant orange organic cheese cracker that looks like big bird by the amount of them she can eat in a day.

“Do Do” (zoe) is her best friend…though it’s still not mutual, and she can waste away many hours pestering her like a good little sister should.

She’s very smart and will spend several minutes trying to figure things out. She can buckle herself into just about any harness system now if given enough time (but thank god she can’t unbuckle yet!) and how she knows this i don’t know but if you catch her about to do something she’s not supposed to do she will give you the biggest sweetest smile you’ve ever seen…swing back and forth very coy like….wave and save hi! hi!.

But best of all she loves giving kisses and hugs and at night when I’m rocking her before bed if i stop singing she’ll pick up and after I lay her down in her bed we can still here her singing (and scolding an occasional misbehaving stuffed animal “no! no!” ) herself to sleep.


Game On

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My mom takes care of Fiona on Mondays and Tuesdays. Yesterday when I came home from work she said, “Do you know what I caught your daughter doing today?” – i could only begin to imagine – just a couple weeks ago we caught her unlocking and opening the front door – “i went into her room and she was trying to get her leg up over the crib rail so she could escape.”

And there it is. Our last peace of mind. She’s not quite able to get out yet – but the thought has occurred to her which means the action is not far behind.

Game on.


We all survived. July 28, 2008

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Whew! I can’t believe that it’s almost been one full week since I’ve been back…the time has flown by.

The trip to Germany was great…and we even got to spend (we…the other designer…teriann…) a day in Zurich before we returned which was fabulous and I’d love to go back to visit. We were so busy with the traveling and the show schedule that I didn’t have a ton of time to sit around and miss Fi….with that said there still many moments where i had to hold back the tears. There were babies everywhere and I just wanted to pick up every single one of them and give them a squeeze…but I held it together.

On our way to Germany we had a tight connection from Paris to Zurich that we missed….it wasn’t that big of a deal then because there were several flights to Zurich through out the day….BUT we had the same connection on the way home and I realized that if we missed this one I wasn’t going to get to spend the afternoon with my little girl (I went back to work the next day) so we were determined to make it. Teriann wanted to make it for two reasons….1) she was sick of the Paris airport & 2) I told her that if we missed it be prepared to have to deal with me in a heap of tears. Our plane landed and we sprinted through the Paris airport making it in – what we thought was – just enough time…we were panting and sweating when we boarded the plane but triumphant – then we learned the plane was refueling and we sat…panting and sweating…on the plane for 45 more minutes! It was still worth it =)

When we got home my mom and greg’s parents and fiona were all waiting for me in the car. I said hi to fiona through the car window and she looked at me as if she didn’t believe that it was really me and then when i said her name again she kicked and screamed and laughed and rocked back-and-forth…she was pretty psyched to see me. I wasn’t sure what to expect…if she would give me the cold shoulder or not…but she was just thrilled to have me home…a little clingy but I loved it!

A nice thing about being away…one of the first things greg said to me when i got home was how much he appreciates what i do all the time ….especially when he’s traveling. He had know idea how exhausting it could be to be the only parent and try and get it all done! AND since i’ve been home Greg has started getting up in the middle of the night with Fi. He hears hers and actually wakes up….and she’s totally fine with it being him and not me in there with her. This has been a huge plus! and we are all enjoying it!

All right…bed time…i’m still trying to catch up…but more tomorrow…


Weekend with the Harpers July 14, 2008

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We just had a fabulous weekend up at the cabin with Earl and Doreen Harper…Scott and Lori and Scott’s dad were able to stop by for dinner too. Earl and Doreen have treated us to so many fabulous meals that we wanted to repay them so we invited them up to the cabin for dinner. It was an absolutely fabulous time….the weather was perfect and Fiona was thrilled to be playing in the dirt and the woods and water. She loved our company…especially their dog Jager who seemed to take responsibility for her right away! Fi also got to go on her first Sea-Do ride and she LOVED it!!!! I’m getting ready to head for Germany this morning but I wanted to get this posted…plus the pix posted so I can stare at them all week long and hold back my mommy tears!


The After-Bath

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and this was bath time last night….washing all the cabin away:


Oh God! July 6, 2008

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Just one little funny story. last weekend Aunt Theresa was up to visit and we were sitting outside around the “pool”. T was telling a story about something that had happened and she exclaimed “Oh God!!”. About 10 minutes later Fi was sitting in the grass and spilled her milk and put her hands up in the air and said “Gooooood!” And so it begins.


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Since I can’t seem to write a specific post I thought I’d just post some pictures of things we’ve been up to lately:

Picture 1 is Fi at Uncle Alan’s Firestation. #2. Fi taking a bath at Grandma P’s. #3. Our first Pig Tails (lasted like 2 minutes) and #4. Our first bikini…..that’s her shy model pose.