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Birthdays, Travel Season, Park August 31, 2008

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We’ve been busy since I returned from my little trip around the mountain.

{on a side note – my brother had a mri this week on his knee so will know more soon – and i went for a walk with the girls (fiona and zoe) yesterday and when i got back my ankle and foot were totally swollen – so more swimming for me!}

Last week was Greg’s Birthday and this week is my and my sister’s Birthdays (they’re on the same day!). Friday night Greg’s parents took us out to dinner at PF Chang’s (family friendly!) to celebrate and Thursday night Greg took me to get my B-day present – a new digital camera – check out the new photos! Tonight my mom will be here so I think Greg and I are going to slip out for dinner just the two of us while we have the chance. Mom doesn’t know it yet – but i don’t think she’ll mind!

While weather is crazy all over the country these days here in the northwest it’s an early early fall. Actually I think we only had maybe 3 weeks of summer total…it’s grey and rainy and in the 50’s to high 60’s already and seems to be staying that way. We had such a long grey winter last year we were all so looking forward to many sunny days but they were so short this year it seems – this winter is going to be a tuff one! We are going to try and get out of town I think to enjoy the sun at least for a day or two. It’s sad when it’s August and we’re already planning our escape of the winter!

Anyway – Tuesday starts Greg’s travel…first he goes to Europe for the bike show there…then he comes home and goes to las vegas for interbike – which he’s driving to and will ride along the way and then there’s a post show annual ride they will go on too…so that make about a two week trip and some change – once he gets home he goes back down there for a few days for a bike camp thing then home then back to china until October 31st. So from now until then he’s only home for about 3 weeks. Home for the month of November and then back to china for half of december. Siiiiiiiiighhhhhhh. It will be easier in some ways from last year for sure. Everything is easier as fiona gets older. It will be interesting this time to see how Fiona does though with him gone for so long – i’m sure she’s going to miss him and wonder where he is. Anyway – if you’re bored on any weekends give me a call ! =) we’re game for anything!!

And last but not least this morning after months of failed attempts Ellie and Jackson were able to meet  up with us for a play date at the park at U-village — a great place to play I might add—-plus once it starts raining Barnes&Noble has a play area in their kids section too (surely raises their daily sales by $$$$$) and there are many coffee shops to choose from!


I’m back August 29, 2008

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Sorry it’s taken me so long to post – my excuses range from my inability to walk all the way to my computer for a few days to the time it’s taken me to clean and put away the mass amount of soaking wet/muddy gear I had.

I originally started writing out the details of our days – but while reading it over my words didn’t seem to capture the true experience of the experience so while I might be a bit vague here I think you’ll get a better idea. I’d be happy to answer any questions if you care to ask.

My SIL said it best summing up the trip on her Facebook account: “is glad everything came out OK after it all went to shit.”

The first day was a 19 hour day. About 12 of it in the rain. It was easily – hands down – the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life. Not just physically but mentally as well.

Had I trained enough? No. Was I ready? No. Did I do it? Yes.

My brother hurt his knee early on and was amazingly able to keep a strong pace even though he was in a lot of pain. I took a good fall on a slick bridge; twisting my ankle and bruising my leg, butt and arm pretty good. There was little talk on the trail that day, partially because of the rain and our hoods and partially because my brother just couldn’t carry a conversation with his knee the way it was. 37 miles – around 15,000 ft of elevation, lot’s of time to think.

I will say that I felt pretty good (oh i know you couldn’t tell that by the way i was walking ) but for whatever reason – and this was the hardest part – I realized out there on the trail….my heart just wasn’t in it. Maybe I am a different person then I was 4 years ago when I first dreamed this event up sitting next to Mystic Lake with my brother on a lazy backpacking trip. Maybe my drive has changed. Maybe not being in the shape I needed to be in had to do with my wanting to stop along the way and smell the flowers. Whatever reason, it just wasn’t there – “it” being whatever that crazy little spark that tickles the bottom of your belly when you’re pushing yourself past the limits “normal” people consider to be normal.

I struggled with whether I would get up and hike the next day. This was it…my chance…I couldn’t give in now…or could I. I have an 18 month old at home who won’t understand why mommy can’t chase her for a week or desperately needs to sleep for 12 hours plus naps to recover her body. The first time my brother did this it took him over a month to recover.

In the end my question was answered for me.

2 of our party of 8 didn’t make it back to camp that first night. This was NOT in our plan. Being responsible hikers that we consider ourselves to be we all had “emergency” gear in our packs – but light was the theme – and these two should never have gone on this trip to begin with – we weren’t sure what they had in their packs. This is a serious situation. It was easily in the 30’s that night – we were all wet and cold and exhausted. The trail had a handful of very dangerous areas that would not be wise to do in the dark.

Our trip was now a rescue mission.

I will spare you all the details. They were found – and found walking towards camp. They were still on the trail and had spent a night that they weren’t too willing to talk about. What happens on The Wonderland Trail stays on The Wonderland Trail apparently. They finally made their way to camp around 6 p.m. – the next night. So day 2 didn’t happen – it was to be a 34 mile day and the most anyone hiked that day was maybe 12.

I don’t think I could have completed the whole thing. I’ll go ahead and say that I know I couldn’t have. In some ways it was fantastic to have a great excuse not to have had to try – and yet sitting here at my computer tonight with the swelling finally down in my feet and ankle enough that I think I could get my shoes back on – I wish I had had the chance.

We don’t have plans on doing it again any time soon – and I’m doubtful that we would open it up to as many people if we ever did think of doing it again. But neither my brother or I am ready to say we will NEVER try it again – the mountain is still there and we have yet to complete this challenge. For now I am proud of what I did accomplish. The many miles that I did make. My bruises are still there and the swelling is still around but for the most part I think I’m recovered. I can’t wait to get back onto the trail and enjoy it. I can’t wait until Fi is old enough to come with me.


A Walk In The Park August 20, 2008

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warning: this post is all about me =)

Today I’m at home finishing packing for my adventure. What adventure? you may ask?  Well…. it’s a little endurance event that my brother and I cooked up a few years ago while out on a backpacking trip together. Starting tomorrow (3:30 ish a.m. – 5:30 at the trailhead) a group of 9 of us are going to start off on a trek around the Wonderland Trail…a trail that circles Mt. Rainier. The trail is roughly 93 to 97 miles long depending on detours and which book you read. There is close 40,000 feet of elevation gain and loss and typically people take anywhere from 7 to 12 days to finish it….We’re attempting to do it in 3. yep. THREE. Once you’re finished it’s as if you climbed and descending the mountain a few times.

Our first day is roughly 36 miles. Day two is roughly 34 miles. And day three is close to 27 miles. We are traveling fast and light (well at least light =) and have a support team (angels) who are setting up our camp and cooking our food for night. They’ll take care of us when we ramble in. The first day is a guaranteed 15 or more hours on the trail. Why am I doing this again?

Last time we did this I was pregnant so couldn’t go. Out of the 11 that started only 4 (?) finished. I haven’t mentioned anything about this until now partially because i’ve been trying not to think about it too much and partially because I wasn’t even sure if I could get ready for it in time and still not sure how I’ll do. I’ve been doing all my training by myself so I have nothing to measure against…it will be an interesting trip for sure. I at least have to complete the first day because once you start there’s no way out but to finish =) actually I guess that’s the same for the following two days too.

So for the last few months while my family slept I’ve been waking up at 5 a.m. (NOT my thing) to go run, swim and lift weights. Fridays I ride my bike. I try to get it all in before Fiona wakes up so that I’m not taking anytime away from her. On Saturdays I still get up at 5 – for the same reasons – and go for 3 to 5 hour runs since getting to the trails is too hard for me if I want to spend time with Fi. At least I’m home usually before she eats breakfast and she’s had a little daddy time. Sundays I rest.

So I’ve put in the time. I have the gear. Now I just have to do it! I’m SO NERVOUS!!! I always get nervous before events – but this time maybe it’s different. It feels so wrong to be so far away from fiona…i didn’t feel like this when i went to europe even! Fi will be staying with her dad and I won’t probably see her until saturday night or sunday morning. I’m really having to focus on channeling this all in a positive direction. Another new experience for sure.

So – that’s it…now it’s out there. My return to endurance events in a grand grand grand scale. I will post next week sometime to let you all know how it goes. Send me lot’s of strength. Strength to endure. Strength to manage the certain discomfort =) and Strength if I have to throw in the towel.


18 Months August 17, 2008

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Fiona is officially one-and-a-half-years-old (as of 6 days ago that is =). 18 months is a big milestone in my mind….I imagine most people have bench marks in their heads – for whatever reasons – and 18 months was mine. Through all the crazy first several months I remember thinking , ” when we get to 18 months then we’ll be well on our way ” When times were exceptionally trying (and they were a lot back then) I used to think about how I couldn’t wait until Fi was older. My little secret that I never said out loud because it would be met with those words of wisdom (words from people who didn’t have infants like fi) “they grow up so fast, enjoy every minute”. But I just wanted her to be older….past that frustrating stage….I felt guilty for it until I decided that Fi wanted to be older too so I wasn’t just be selfish. And she did grow up fast…but knowing what I know now I still would wish past those first several months. Anyway, with 18 months came the realization that we are past the point (and have been for some time now) of wishing her to be older. Now I can enjoy every minute of it, enjoy each stage – however bewildering it may be.

Things are definitely different at 18 months…for instance it’s 6 days after her “birthday” and i still haven’t made her dr.’s appointment – i have no idea how much she weighs, how tall she is or where she falls on the % chart. I haven’t cracked open a baby book in some time to check whether she’s developing properly and i know she has teeth – is still getting teeth – but don’t ask me how many cause i have no idea. Soon maybe I’ll be able to stop referring to her age in months!

So happy year-and-a-half little one. We made it!


Busy Busy Busy

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We have been SO! busy the last few weeks….we are trying to get a bunch of house projects done before greg starts to travel this fall (september 1st starts the dreaded travel season). So a few weeks ago we started prepping and painting the house…the weather of course didn’t cooperate and every weekend we were ready to paint it rained or threatened rain…but as of this morning the house is 95% complete…there’s still some trim that needs to be painted and the chimneys need to be painted but otherwise it’s done!!

Greg has done most of the work himself…i was able to take a day off to help and little bits here and there but painting with an 18 month old is next to impossible!

We are also in the process of remodeling our bathroom….which then turned into having the whole house re-plumbed. The bathroom has been torn up since july (still usable) but the plumbers finished friday and the tile people are coming next week so we are well on our way to finishing that project too. Unfortunately they had to cut several holes in our walls in our house so Greg now has a bit of dry-wallling to do too. If he can get that done before he leaves i can coordinate the other people and do the painting while he’s gone….whew! It will be so nice to have it all done this winter!!


summer pix

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I LOVE Guac!                                                        Post Run power bottle

Hanging in my crib                                                wearing mom’s rain boots


trying on our new fall hand-me-downs     bath punk

napping on momma                                                one down one to go!