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If it hasn’t been around for 100 years or more – don’t eat it. September 11, 2008

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Throughout my life – as probably most American women will tell you – I’ve struggled with my weight. In the mid 90’s I became a vegetarian – a Pescetarian to be exact. Since I left home in 1990 I’ve focused on a low fat diet. In more recent years I’ve turned my focus more towards organics and natural foods – but still low fat. Before I became pregnant – and under the advice of my naturopath¬† – I slowly started to incorporate meat back into my diet. I’ve felt like I’m well informed when it comes to basic nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. But the question has always loomed – why then, with all of my athletic activity – can I not lose weight and maintain a healthy weight?

My naturopath has done every test in the book – really – and other then low amino acids i am healthy healthy healthy. Then just a couple of months ago she recommended a nutritionist she’s been working with to me. The thought had never occurred to me before but i absolutely loved the idea so I went to see her.

I’m sure like in most things there are all types of nutritionists- but I am really glad that I found Jennifer -because of her philosophies on food, her training at Bastyr and knowledge of the worlds eating habits – I feel like I’m learning so much every time I go to her – and I agree with everything she has to say.

I went into her office with an open mind – letting her know that I thought I knew some things but obviously I didn’t or I wouldn’t struggle with it so much so I was ready to erase what I thought I knew and start over. She looked at my diet – what I eat daily and how I’ve eaten over the last 20 years. What my cravings were and how I felt. She did those things that “white coat” type of nutritionists don’t probably do – looked at my nails, my eyes, my skin, my teeth. She looked at my activity level and then we talked.

I could go on-and-on, sharing all the wonderful insight she shared with me but it might take to long….so the short of it is: This – she believes – is part of the problem in America. My cravings were text book and my issues were common with a lot of her clients. Her opinion is that because I’ve been on a low fat diet for so long in my life – and my activity level has been so high for so long – that even though I may eat all day my body is always in starvation mode because it’s never getting what it actually needs. I’d heard that before – many times – relating to other people…but I thought that because I was aware to eat my meals and my snacks and fuel myself for my sports I didn’t fit that category…..the problem is though that I haven’t been fueling myself with the fuel that I need. Her example was that farmers fatten pigs that they’re taking to the market by putting them on a diet of low fat milk – it drives the pigs to eat more then they normally would.

SO – my first task. Get rid of all my low fat food and switch to WHOLE MILK, WHOLE MILK YOGURT, CHEESE, BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER, OLIVE OIL, NUT BUTTERS,¬† AND MEAT. (maintaining my excellent veggie/fruit intake) These are foods I haven’t allowed myself to have in ages!

And – I have to tell you – it is GREAT! I feel full all day. I don’t think about food anymore. I realized that I have had this frantic feeling about food for years….something i never noticed until it was gone. I can have a little something of something and feel satisfied because my body has what it needs. I can’t begin to explain how great and freeing this feels. I’ve recognized that it’s not just the hunger but also the whole experience of eating is so much more satisfying now….I’m truly amazed.

Today I went and saw her again and my next task is to now gain control of the portion sizes (which I’ve already started to do because i’m so much more satisified with such a smaller amount of food) Begin to switch my meals to bigger in the morning and mid day and just a small meal at night. And eat MORE red meat! Twice a week is what she says. yikes! (my zinc is low and it still seems that i need more protein then what i give my body)

This all goes SO AGAINST what we’ve been learning in America for so long now – the difference she says is the quality of the fats. If you’re eating good quality fats then they aren’t harmful to you. It’s the bad quality fats (trough fed cows for example compared to grass fed cows) that is causing the problems. I could go on and on – again i feel like i just came from a mini nutrition class! I’ve been eating organic for a few years now but to hear the nutritional difference….to know there’s more then just the pesticides…..and the low fat myth! now I’m not even making sense anymore =)

So anyway – I wanted to share this with you because it feels so new to me. I believe that different things are going to work for different people – but this feels so right for me. About as opposite as I can get from my friend Laura who has been thrilled with her vegan life! I’ll let you all know how it goes and share more interesting tips and facts she shares with me. But I’ll leave you with this. She said, “If you only have one rule around eating it should be this; If it hasn’t been around for 100 years or more – don’t eat it.” It’s as simple as that.


The picture speaks for itself

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Tuesday night was tookies first swim lesson. It went as most first swim lessons went – some crying – a little scared – still intrigued – and when asked if she went swimming an adamant nod YES! But the highlight of the evening was when dad dressed her for her lesson…..apparently he’s spent a little too much time on the bike in the bibs.


Business up front – Party in the back September 9, 2008

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Here’s Fi in her new Hogs and Heffers Bar T-shirt Auntie picked up for her in Las Vegas – along with her Vegas beads (auntie assures me she washed them well before giving them to her =)

It has occurred to me that our poor little girl is sporting a mullet. A girllet if you will. We’ve – well – Grandma has been cutting her bangs all this time to keep them out of her face but with her hair so long in the back it’s starting to get out of control! Fi will finally let us – well Grandma – put clips in her hair without ripping them out so I think it’s time to let the bangs grow and get our little girl out of the early 80’s! I believe that was a “bi-level” in my day – or a “soccer cut” for her dad.

How easy it is to let those things go with out even noticing! Now I know how all those kids I’ve seen throughout my life that have bad haircuts or crazy outfits on got that way. Their parents just didn’t realize it!


We doo the zoo – doo you?

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We had a crazy long weekend! Thursday night I packed up Fiona and Zoe and we went and stayed at my sisters house for the whole weekend in Tacoma (I went to work on Friday while T watched Fi). We had a great time and man are we exhausted!

The first night that we got there I was all set to have Fiona sleep alone in the bedroom in her pack-n-play and zoe and i would sleep on the couch. This way we can stay up late and get up early and Fiona can get her sleep. But it seems that we’ve finally reached the age of being afraid. She was so sad and crying and crying. She finally fell asleep for a bit and I just finished telling my sister that there’s no way Fiona can sleep in bed with me because all she wants to do is play when she woke up crying again. So zoe (her faithful babysitter) and I went in there and we cuddled on the bed – she looked up at me with the sweetest face you’ve ever seen and said “momma <patted the bed> night night” That was that. I cleared the bed and we layed down and she cuddled right into me and fell sound asleep.

IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVER. Oh man! I missed that! I am for the most part happy to have the bed back to just me and greg – no squirmy little body kicking me and flipping around all night – but i miss her warm little bod snuggled up against me and the sound of her breath as she drifts off to sleep. It was such a treat. Plus now I know that she gets it – that she gets that we can sleep in the bed together – which will make things like travel a lot easier!

Saturday morning we got up and went to Point Deffiance Zoo. This was Fiona’s first trip to the zoo – she finally stays awake long enough that it’s worth the ticket! =) She loved it – but her favorite thing was pointing out all the “doo-doo” and any time she caught an animal peeing. Oh man then she laughed and pointed and squealed “DOOO-DOOOO!!!!”. Needless to say she was extremely impressed by the elephants – my sister is convinced she’s going to grow up to be a “scat expert” – who apparently make really good money.

Point Deffiance is a great place for little kids – it’s small enough that you can get through the whole thing in a few hours and there’s a wonderful kids section that had the coolest toys and slides, goats to pet and feed, and small animals down at little kids level. We had a really nice day.

Sunday we celebrated Birthday (mine and my sisters – they’re on the same day). And by Sunday night we were all absolutely exhausted!

Greg comes home tomorrow night from Germany and we start Fiona’s first swim lesson! I can’t wait!