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It’s a potty over here – potty over there…. December 4, 2008

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Fiona is really getting into the potty these days. I haven’t actively tried to potty train but we read a potty book and we go in and sit on the potty a lot – she loves to talk about it so why not. Lately though she constantly wants to take her clothes off to go to the potty and just about every night (when she gets to have some naked time) she actually “goes” on the potty. She seems to totally get the concept and understands not to go when she doesn’t have her diaper on (she hasn’t had an accident in a long time) – so I know I should jump on this opportunity and just go for it – but even though she seems ready I just don’t think i am yet!

I’m thinking after the holidays when things aren’t so hectic and greg is home for a long period of time – then we’ll do it. But honestly just the thought of coordinating all the “care takers” and juggling  work and home and being consistent with her exhausts me.

Any thoughts or words of advice from all you potty experts out there?