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I Love the Snow!! February 12, 2009

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Monday we woke up to a surprise with snow completely covering the ground. Fiona has loved the snow since she was a tiny little baby so the first thing she said when she saw it was, “let’s go outside mommy! right now! pleeeeaaaassssseeee mommy!” How could I resist? So we threw on some barn boots, a hat and coat over her p.j.’s and away we went. She ran around making snowballs for zoe and told me, “I love the snow mommy. Play outside All Day!!!!”


Happy Birthday my Big Little Baby

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Tuesday was Fi’s 2nd Birthday – once again something that I just can’t believe.

Sunday we had a nice little party with just the family. We had cake and ice cream and Fiona’s favorite meal, mac-n-cheese for dinner.

For Christmas we were given a cute little “bear” cake pan. There were pictures of different bears you could make ; Santa, princess and soccer bear. I let Fiona choose between the princess bear and the soccer bear (she really wanted Santa bear but i wouldn’t let her =) and she chose soccer bear! I was surprised she chose that, and I checked with her several times, but that was what she wanted:


Fiona seemed thrilled with her cake and stopped by all day to talk to her new friend “teddy bear cake”. What I didn’t predict was the horror and confusion in her face when it was time to cut up and eat her new friend. “Teddy fall down momma!” “Pick teddy up momma!” “nana eat teddy’s tummy momma???!!” oops.

All in all she had a great party and received tons of great gifts :


Princess Party Fion                                     Fiona’s new bike and her Dad covering the specs with her


G-pa Predmore made her her own fly fishing rod with a fly he tied especially for her and even a fish to catch!


Cake and ice cream glaze over                                         Zoe had to get in on it!

On her “real” B-day we took her out to celebrate at her favorite place to eat….Red Robin – where she once again had mac-n-cheese and root bear to wash it all down –

All last week she has been telling me that she is a baby – not a little girl. But the day after her birthday she told me, “nanna little girl today mommy – papa (grandpa) nanna’s baby now”.


Peace Out Mei Mei

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Last week we had a very sad week when it comes to pets. We got a call one night from our neighbor wondering if all of our kitties had made it home for the night. We were indeed missing one – lil’ miss Mei-Mei. She (our neighbor) had found an injured cat in her yard and had taken it to the emergency vet, from the description we knew it was ours. I called the vet right away but sadly they had to put her to sleep soon after she arrived because her injuries were so severe.

Man that breaks your heart. She was my little buddy. She hated to be petted or touched and would bite me all the time. Greg and I thought she would out live us all because she was so feisty. But at the same time she would sleep right next to my head every night (just out of my reach….and if i did accidentally touch her , yes, she would bite  me =) but every single time Fiona would cry in the night Mei-Mei would get up with me and follow me to her room, then sit quietly just off to the side until Fiona went back to sleep and then she would quietly follow me back to bed and fall back to sleep. She was my little helper. I miss looking up while rocking fi and seeing her patiently waiting, watching over Fiona to make sure everything was all right.

We’ve been telling Fiona that mei-mei is gone and that we can’t see her anymore. That she is in the sky, or in kitty heaven. Fi tells us that she is napping somewhere – I believe her. But this morning Fi wanted to pet Mei-mei. I told her that we couldn’t really pet her anymore but that mei-mei was in her heart and she could pet her in heart. Fiona unzipped her p.j.’s and looked down and said, “I see her mommy I see her!” Then she walked around all morning with her hands over her heart and said, “I’m petting mei-mei mommy”.

To make the week even worse on Saturday Greg’s parents had to put down their 13 year old elkhound, who had been like a sarrogate mom to Zoe and her sisters.

A hard week for pets and hearts indeed.


Don’t Talk About Me

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The other night Greg was out with friends and Fiona and I were hanging out together. Fi decided it was a good time to test my patience and soon it became a battle of wills. After some time spent in the chair she decided it would be best to listen to her mother – and even sweetly apologized for it all later that night.

The next day Greg and I were standing in the kitchen and Fiona was on the patio playing. The slider was only open a foot or so and I was telling the story to Greg in an almost whispered voice.
Fiona stopped playing and ran over, peeked her head inside the doorway and said, “It’s o.k. momma. Stop talking about me! Haaa Ha ha ha ha heee ha ha!” and ran away laughing at herself hysterically.

Greg and I just stared at each dumbfounded.