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Boot Camp! September 30, 2009

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So this time around I promised myself that I WOULD NOT let myself go like I did when I was pregnant with Fi. Don’t get me wrong – I had a great time =) I ate ANYTHING i wanted and didn’t exercise hardly at all. And in the end I PAYED THE PRICE! Not only did I gain a ton of weight – which I never did lose all of – but I was extremely uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy and I had little motivation to start exercising again once I was back on my feet.

This time is different. Last January before I was pregnant I signed up to do the Rock-n-Roll marathon with Team in Training. I knew that we were going to try for a 2nd but I thought this would give me the perfect activity to do to A)keep my mind off of it – and – B)if I did get pregnant keep me moving. I thought I would either get pregnant in the early stages or training or after the race. Not during the longest distances! But I did. I should have known….i was training for a long distance event when I got pregnant with Fi – apparently my body likes that =)

So baby #2 ended up running a few races with me. I did a half marathon on Mother’s Day…which I’m pretty sure I was just barely pregnant then…then I did an ultra relay (i ran about 13 miles of it) a couple months later with my family – no one knew then but Greg and I. The day I found out I was pregnant for sure I called my Dr.’s office to see if I could still run the marathon. I was so happy to hear that I could – just go slow – listen to my body – and make sure I wasn’t ever short of breath. My sister was doing the same race as part of the half and I was so worried that she would know something was up. I didn’t want anyone to know other then my teammates for fear of worrying them sick about me and the little one. Later she said she knew there was something – but she also knew that I wasn’t going to tell anyone so she never brought it up.

That marathon was a horrible time for me =) I had actually felt really good running long runs so I wasn’t worried and thought I wouldn’t have to slow down until the 2nd half…but the jitters and the heat and the fact that I was 2.5 months pregnant finally caught up to me and within the first 3 miles I knew I was going to have to go way slower then I wanted. I finished… a time I will most certainly go back and wipe off of my record sometime in the next few years….and what a story I have for baby #2!

To keep this momentum going last month I joined a boot camp class. No, not a pregnancy boot camp….just a boot camp! I go with a group from my office, it’s 3 days a week and the workouts are only 25 to 30 minutes long during lunch and mostly outside. It’s through the X-Gym….which I’m new to too – but I encourage people to check it out. I have always worked out for hours at a time to feel like it was effective. This 25 minutes with our trainer absolutely kicks my ass and I can really see results already. I think I may be in better shape after my pregnancy then I was before! Plus they have an on line food log that is part of the program so I can really make sure that my calories and nutrition stay in track. My trainer is great and modifies things for me – but he doesn’t let me slack – which I actually love – and has offered up a fair amount of prego nutrition knowledge. I don’t know for sure how long I’m going to be able to go. I feel more and more pregnant each class =) but even keeping in the habit of going and doing something I think is going to give me an edge .

I’ll let you all know how it goes towards the end when it seems the pound really start to cling – for now I’ll enjoy my long lost triceps and my endless search for maternity pants that you can actually sweat in!


New Baby

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Well baby number 2 is well on her way. She’s due January 30th – just 10 days before Fi’s 3rd Birthday. My sister and I were born on the same day – exactly 3 years apart – so this seems to be something that runs in the family =)

Baby #2 has definitely been a different experience so far. I am so much more relaxed about it all – even reading back in this blog when I was the same week count as I am now I am in such a different head space about the whole thing. I don’t think that any of it will be any “easier” – just different. When I was pregnant with Fi my life started changing so drastically and there was so much I felt I needed to figure out – I changed a lot of things….probably a good thing….but I struggled with the feeling of not being myself. This time I don’t feel that way. Partially because I have changed…and am a little bit of a different person then I was before kids….and partially because I’m just not as worried about it all. The simple act of having a little cup of coffee in the morning (Oh My God! I would never have drank ANY caffeine when prego with Fi) makes me feel so much more like me.

The choice to have #2 wasn’t an easy one for Greg and I – but I’m so glad that we did it. I am so excited for Fi to have a sibling. I know I can’t imagine my life with out mine.

Greg is excited too. He was of course excited about Fi – but he didn’t know what to expect either. And for a lot of guys I think it’s easy to go along for awhile as if nothing has changed because for a long time for them nothing does change. Once she got here he really didn’t know what to do and he was nervous and (i’ll go ahead and say it!) scared. I know this time will be different for him too. He has so much more confidence this time around and he’s so excited to start things off on a different foot. good times ahead.



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Since Fi’s 2nd Birthday she has continued to amaze us at every turn. Everyone that spends time with her comments on her verbal skills. We have full conversations now…with complex thoughts and big words that she uses correctly. She continually stuns us with what she has to say. She loves to play make-believe and spends the better part of her day being someone else…..always someone real that we know….and she assigns rolls for everyone else in the house – including the dog! On several occasions she’s been pretending to be someone else so much that she forgets who she is pretending to be and asks us, “who am I again?”. We had to put a cap onĀ  Zoe’s pretending because she was being called by a different name so often we think she started to get worried and confused =) Fi loves to play mommy and take care of all of her babies. We went to the ocean this summer and my cousins were there with their 4 kids – one of them a baby – and all Fiona wanted to do anytime they were around was “take care of baby Henry”. She is going to be a big help when her little sister gets here – though I can already anticipate some “do it myself” problems. Fiona is VERY independent and likes to do everything herself. Potty training is going well and I’d say we are about 90% of the way there….still night time diapers and the occasional regression – but she’s been doing great. Our next thing is to move her into a “big girl” bed – which she’s more then ready for, we just haven’t done it yet =)


The Ressurrection of BabyBelly Begins

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It’s only been 7 or 8 months since I posted last…..not much has happened in that time =)

It seems that life’s busy schedule: work, a toddler, trying to move, a marathon, a little thing called FACEBOOK and a 2nd baby on the way has prevented me from keeping up with this blog. But in fairness to “new baby” it’s time to dust it off and get it started again – does anyone read blogs anymore? Between keeping up with statuses on FB and mafia wars or farm town I’m not sure that anyone does =) At least it will be a nice record for our little family.

I’ll try and break up what been going on with us in at least a few posts….welcome back!