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Fashionista October 8, 2009

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As you can see from this photo – Fiona is a true little trend setter… only the modern woman can mix polka-dot p.j.s with red open toed heels – all while cooking apple soup in her state-of-the-art kitchen.


Oink Oink

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The hot topic of this season around here is the Swine Flu – H1N1 – Russian Flu II .  It happens to be especially hot for me since I’m one of those in the “High Risk” category due to my baby belly.

I am an immunizer. I have friends who don’t immunize at all, I have friends that choose which immunizations they will get (have their children get) and I have friends who have never even given it thought on whether to immunize or not – they just do. I fall into a different category – I gave it all a lot of thought. I read a lot of articles, books – talked to a lot of different people – those in the know and those who like to think they’re in the know. I read things from extremists on both sides of the coin and then after all of that I went with my gut. And my gut felt pretty confident about immunizations.

This time was different. I’m not quite sure why but the H1N1 shot made me feel uneasy. My gut was telling me to pay attention. So on the internet I went. I’m experienced enough now with researching controversial topics on the web to know that you will find a counter opinion to ALL opinions. You rarely actually find an answer…so I waded through all of the articles I could find. Then I talked to our pediatrician (who is the best pediatrician ever) and my OB and my naturopath…..covering all the bases you see. I also listened to a very compelling story on NPR and listened to a conversation between a friend and her friend – who happens to be a resident pediatrician at Children’s Hospital.

Whew – it was a lot of information. The pediatrician is leaning towards the shots – though she’s holding out to see the entire ingredient list. The OB didn’t waste a second to tell me GET THE SHOT GET THE SHOT. The NPR story ended with the overall feeling that everyone would much rather deal with any reaction a pregnant woman could have from the shot then dealing with a pregnant woman with the swine flu. The resident pediatrician had seen a pregnant woman die within 48 hours of contracting the virus and has performed more than one emergency C-section not knowing if the mother would survive or not. The NP? Well…she had an interesting take …. as they always do. She wouldn’t say yay or nay – she said she understood it was a very difficult decision. BUT she also said that even though the WHO puts me on the high risk list – she wouldn’t because she knows that I am a very healthy person.

That made me wonder. Do they keep any sort of statistics on that? Are these pregnant women that are dying already not very healthy to begin with?

The shots should be here sometime in the next couple of weeks. I think I’ve almost come to a decision on the topic….but waiting till the very end to know for sure. This also happens to be Greg’s travel season – which means he will be traveling on airplanes and boats and buses and trains to all parts of the world…which just increases the chances of us picking up random illnesses….this weighs in on my decision as well.

I am leaning one way…..which way would you lean?


swimming lessons October 4, 2009

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Today was Fi’s 2nd swim lesson this year. We took her about a year ago and had a great time – and promised ourselves that we would just keep taking her to the pool on our own…..uh yah….that never happened. So I signed her back up. We have a great place very close to our house that only does little kids lessons so the water is shallow and really warm.

I’ve noticed such a huge difference already from just a year ago in Fiona’s skill level (even though we didn’t keep going to the pool!). Today she back floated….almost entirely by herself….and then with my help could flip over onto her tummy and “swim” to the edge and hang on all by herself. I know a lot of this new found skill comes just purely from having more confidence in herself and being in new situations. I love seeing the proud look on her face when she accomplishes something new and watching how excited she is to learn.

Next week crawl stroke and butterfly…..she can do it.


Frere Jacques

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Fiona isn’t quite in preschool yet. I really want to get her started before the baby comes so that she has something to do each day and look forward to and so that I can have a routine I’ll need to stick with when I’m home and also a couple hours to just me and new baby. It’s hard finding the perfect school. For one I’m not entirely sure where we’ll be living once we move (which really could happen anytime between a week and a year!). It’s also really hard just finding the time to do the research…and then once I’ve done the research I need to take time off work to go visit the place and yadee yadee yadee. I’m hoping someone will just lay it in my lap and tell me “this one is the perfect one”….but so far that hasn’t happened.

Fi does go to Gymboree class once a week. Last year I was looking for something regular that would give her a chance to socialize more with kids her age and something her grandparents could handle doing (i didn’t think they were quite up to joining a play group =) A new Gymboree play place opened in Bellevue Square Mall – which is really close to the G’as and we’ve been going ever since.

Fiona LOVES it. She of course has taken over all of the classes and like to follow the teacher around “helping” the other kids as much as she likes actually doing the activities. She is very musical and loves to sing all the songs and usually comes home and teaches them to all of us so we can play school (she’s always the teacher of course=)

The other night she came home and skipped through the kitchen while I was cooking dinner singing at the top of her lungs “Frere Jacques”. Not only was she able to sing all of the song in both French and English….but she then explained to me what each phrase meant and what language she was saying it in. It was so cool to hear her not only sing it but explain it as well.