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Jingle Bell Run December 16, 2009

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This last Sunday Greg, Fiona, baby rutabaga, my sister, her friend Michelle and I trekked out to downtown Seattle for the annual Jingle Bell Run. This was Fiona’s FOURTH Jingle Bell run (when you count the one I did while pregnant….which I do) This time Fiona told us she wanted to run – but that we should bring the stroller just in case…. She ran with her daddy for several blocks before she finally gave in to the stroller – the hardest part was keeping her warm …. this kid just does not like layers….but finally through the shivers let me put a coat and gloves on her.

This year seemed more packed with people then ever before so we skipped the carousel ride we usually do afterwards and just hung out drinking cocoa and coffee. Fi had a great time and especially loves the jingle bells on her shoes.

On a side note this will have been baby rutabagas 4th official race – her career is really taking off =)


Finally a Belly Picture

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Let’s see….this was last week….so about 32 weeks. This pregnancy really has been different – in so many ways. The exercise has definitely made a big difference. We did the Jingle Bell Run this Sunday – which I also did when I was pregnant with Fi – and this time I had no problems and couldn’t even tell I’d done anything earlier that day….when I did it with Fi I was feeling it half-way through and I was exhausted for a few days after! My back doesn’t hurt anything near what it did last time – and though I’m just now starting to have a hard time sleeping at night – all of that started much earlier with Fi.

What I DO have with this little nugget is a very sore bladder! This little girl is stomping on my bladder ALL the time. It kills me – sometimes it about doubles me over! And she is a MOVER. She is constantly kicking and turning and spinning – WAY more then Fi did. I take this as a good sign though – my friends babies all moved a ton and came out totally mellow – Fi barely moved and came out tenacious and well – pissed. My theory is the mellow ones in utero are happy in there and mad when they come out – the active ones want out and so they are mellow when they finally get there. Good theory huh? =)

Now that Fiona is in her “big girl room” we have the babies room all ready. I’ll order diapers sometime next month. We got rid of all of Fiona’s baby stuff because we just had no plans yet of a #2 so we’ve been borrowing from all sorts of folks. The Grandmas are thrilled because we have NO baby clothes up to a year so finally they can buy buy buy like crazy =)

About 6.5 weeks left now – the holidays will be a whirl wind and before we know it we’ll be there! We’re hoping she’s a teenie bit early….it will make the Birthday parties much easier =)



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Fiona can’t wait to be a big sister. What I should say is Fiona can’t wait to be a mommy. She is ALL girl when it comes to babies. I think she has more maternal instinct in her then I do! She is always mothering one or more babies around the house. (i’ve been noting that her babies get an awful lot of time outs these days….. =)

She is SUPER excited for her little sister to get here. It will be interesting to see what actually happens when she does arrive. Baby Rutabaga (as we like to call her) is going to get A LOT of attention. Fiona tells me all the time how, “when baby sister gets here I’ll feed her – BY MYSELF” and “when baby sister gets her I’ll take her on walks BY MYSELF” “when baby sister gets here I’ll hold her BY MYSELF”.

Fiona is an independent spirit. She likes to do most things on her own – and is pretty good at doing most things on her own. I can’t wait to see if she will be as interested in her sister once she arrives and it becomes clear that she is staying – all the time – with us. She will either grow bored with it all and ignore her, act out, really be a big help or it’s going to be a struggle regulating how much she can help do!

She likes to talk to Rutabaga through my belly and hold up clothes and toys for her to see. She puts her hand on my stomach and tells me that rutabaga is kicking (even though she isn’t) and pretends to listen to her through her stethescope (an old pair of headphones).

This is going to be fun – remind me of that =)


Santa is a nice man

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Fiona LOVES santa claus. She LOVES Christmas. She has been talking about it for months and we have been reading Christmas stories all year long (although – now that it is Christmas time she wants to read Easter stories – go figure).

She’s been preparing to go visit Santa Claus and told us a long time ago that she didn’t want to sit on his lap. She throws this in every time and every time we tell her, “that’s o.k. you dont’ need to sit on his lap – you can just stand next to him”.

One night we were talking about it and she said, “I don’t know why I don’t want to sit on his lap. I mean – I know he’s a nice man – and I like him – I do – I like him a lot – but I don’t know – I just don’t want to”.

When it actually came time to see Santa she was very excited. He actually came out and walked through the line and she was super excited and waved at him and said hello – BUT – when we went in to see him she had a death grip on my hand and said “mommy, mommy pleeeeaaassseeee!” She managed to eek out a smile for the picture (though you can see her hand is up in the air where I squeezed mine out of her grip) and she told him what she wanted and gave him a high-5. Not a bad day with Mr. Claus.


Baby Conrad

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Baby Conrad made his entrance into this world on October …hmmm..22nd? 21st….O.K. that’s awful….but right in there somewhere =) Conrad is son #2 for my dear friend Ellie – the woman that I went through my first pregnancy with. Fiona and her son Jackson are just a couple of weeks apart and we learned that we were pregnant on the exact same day (same time actually, same dr.’s office even!) So we have gone through the WHOLE shi-bang together. Now their 2nd son will be justĀ  a few months older then baby rutabaga and we can go through it again together.

Baby Conrad is a doll – and huge in comparison to his big brother Jackson. Fiona ABSOLUTELY loves him and has dropped all interest in going to play with Jackson – she just wants to watch baby Conrad and dreams of the day she can hold him “all by herself”. At one point Fiona was glued to Ellie’s side while she was nursing Conrad and Jackson came into play and Fiona looked at him and said, “Yes Jackson – what is it?”.


Random Photos

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In an effort to totally catch up – here are just some random images from the last couple of months!

Swim Lessons

Total Sounders Fan! Especially loves the hot dogs and the "soccer song" AKA the National Anthem =)

Fiona and Uncle Kevin (vegetarian) carving the T-Giving Turkey

A Gaggle of Puppies @ T-Giving


Boot Camp Bye Bye December 12, 2009

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Well I’m sorry to say that I’ve finally had to quit bootcamp. I actually stopped a couple weeks ago. It was just getting too hard on my body and I was too tired for too long afterwards – not to mention that things that we weren’t working out began to hurt!

But because I’m determined to not get lazy this pregnancy I’ve replaced boot camp with lunchtime walks and the occasional swim.

I am VERY proud to report that with just 7 weeks to go I have only gained 15 pounds so far!!! The baby is totally normal size… ( I think I may actually have list weight in other areas from boot camp….if that’s even possible!) any way – I still have the holidays to get through and the tiredest month of all… but if I keep on track I will be significantly less then when I had Fiona which i’m hoping will make some things a lot easier! So yeah me!!!