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Funny Girl January 31, 2010

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Just a couple things our funny and smart and amazing little girl has been up to…..

A friend at work handed down a whole set of great dolls that came with all sorts of “sets”. One of which was a circus tent. The other night I was in the kitchen and Greg was in the front room when Fiona called from the T.V. room, “come and see what I did!” My heart beat a little faster….this could mean a number of things and I wanted to get there before Greg did in case it was something that he wasn’t going to want to see…. but this is what we found:

I kid you not this circus tent is only about 14″ square. And this is about 16″ off the ground. How she got herself in there we have NO idea….it took all of us to get her out….Now that is funny.

Then Saturday she came out of my room with this thing on her foot….rolling it around. She announced that she hurt her foot when she fell in a soccer game. She doesn’t know how it happened, she just fell! And this was her cast. Later we had to put a sock on her foot (because that’s exactly what Dad looks like) Here she is hamming it up for the camera…..acting as if she is really in pain. (the thing is a palm massager purchases in Taiwan last spring). Pretty inventive I would say. She slept in it that night. Goofy girl.


All Right Universe – We Hear You!

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January has been quite the month for us and I just want it to be known that yes universe, we hear you, now back the F off. =)

I haven’t shared all of the crazy events that have gone on with my family this month out of respect to personal privacy – but let’s just say that any one of the “things” that have happened would be enough to feel entitled to catching a break from the universe for a good long time.

I did blog about Greg’s leg – which is getting much better quickly. He’s feeling pretty good and getting around pretty good, so for the most part all is well with that (until this spring when all his peeps start mt. biking and he won’t be able to go ). Greg’s mom is still set for surgery in about a 9 days – and I’m really hoping this baby is out in the world before then =).

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, about 2 weeks ago we found a painful lump near Fiona’s groin. We took her to the pediatrician and they sent us right off to Children’s Hospital – where we spent the better part of the day. Seems it was a lymph node that was causing all the problems. Now since I’ve been part of Team and Training which supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society I may be a bit sensitive to this – but let me tell you no parent wants to hear the words “lumpy lymph node” at children’s hospital.

The Dr.’s there were great -AS ALWAYS- and cautioned us to trust them and to STAY OFF OF THE INTERNET! So home we went with a prescription for an antibiotic with the blind faith that it was just lymphnoditis (i have no idea how to spell that so i’m completely guessing). Back to the ped’s office in a couple days where 2 more Dr.’s took a look at her.

Drew some blood (which she handled like a champ! afterward she also got 2 shots – later that day we were spending time with my friend Teri and Tmann asked her if she got poked today and Fi responded with, “oh it was just a flu shot – no big deal” =).

Now here is why I LOVE MY PEDIATRICIAN. She ran the blood and called me back at 7p.m. that night to tell me that is was clean. SEVEN AT NIGHT. The other results weren’t back yet – but the blood was “clean” meaning that they could rule out tumors or others horrific things like that.  WHEW. She had a theory that it was something called “cat scratch disease” – though we have been singing Cat Scratch Fever and can’t call it anything other then that. So on the antibiotics she stayed.

A couple days later my Ped called again to see if it was getting better and when I told her no she got me back into children’s immediately (that day!) to see another Dr. to double check that she wasn’t missing a hernia or something else. AGAIN, why i love her Dr. – I would so much rather run around and figure out what is going on instead of sitting around waiting when something serious could be happening.

That Dr. looked at her (and by now Fiona is sick of dr.’s =) and he had the same theory about the cat scratches. Finally a few days later the tests came back and sure enough that’s what it was – all of that because of a stupid cat scratch! A new different medicine and it’s already gone!

Apparently the cats have something in their saliva and if they lick their paws and then scratch you (small you’s) it can cause an infection in the lymph node closest to the scratch. Now I must have been scratched a million times as a kid – along with all of my siblings – and never had a problem…so the timing must have to be perfect!

So – done- that one dodged. We have to laugh because Fiona doesn’t get sick that often. We miss most of the colds and flus and coughs that most little kids seem plagued with – but we get all the weird random things that are really scary at first.

One more time I just have to say – I can’t believe how lucky we are to have Children’s Hospital so close and I can’t believe how amazing each and everyone of those people that work there are. Every time we go there I think how lucky we are to keep getting these good diagnosis’ – and how absolutely devastating and heartbreaking it is for all of those parents who don’t. My heart truly goes out to them.

So here we are. We are still dealing with an illness in the family (all I can mention) – and then most recently an absolutely horrible tragedy that has truly broken many of our hearts.

So maybe it’s a good thing Rutabaga wasn’t born in January – (yet i suppose) It’s time for our family to start fresh. February is a great month to do that in!


Cheese and Chocolate January 25, 2010

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First off – I can’t believe I didn’t get at least an iPhone picture!!! but no!

Last week Ellie had a great idea of getting some girls together for a little night out before the big day – it was so nice of her to think of it and arrange it all!

I’m not sure what the protocol is for baby #2, or that there needs to be one – but I knew I didn’t want another shower. I wouldn’t mind if other people did at all – and if we were having a boy maybe I’d feel a little different – but as it is we have pretty much everything we need or have been able to borrow it (now that we’ve crept into baby world) so a shower would be a little akward. Our first showers felt akward too and then at least there was good reason – but something about receiving tons of gifts and attention at this age just feels a little strange…. anyway – we do hope to have a party after baby to celebrate her life and so our friends can meet her …..but I digress….

So Friday night Ellie, Teri, Lori and Stephanie all took me out to dinner at the melting pot for some chocolate and cheese love – it was fantastic! (though I don’t recommed it for a good night sleep – none of us slept that night!) The girls even got together and bought me a GC to my favorite salon for a preggy pedicure ( which I’m trying to use this week before the baby!)

It was the perfect thing – something to look forward to and enjoy instead of focusing on the slow moving days of the last week(s) of waiting. I really do have great friends and that makes bringing a precious life into this world so much better just knowing that they will be loved by these precious people.


39 Weeks

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I find it hard to believe but I’m actually still getting bigger! Where in the world do these babies go? I saw a friend Friday night and then today (Sunday) and (embarrassingly but understandable) was wearing the exact same outfit and even she commented on how I look different – and BIGGER!

All in all things are going good. I’m not sleeping much and know that part of that is from discomfort and part of it is from the excitement of it all – I’m so busy in the day I don’t really think about it, but at night it creeps in and I start to feel like a kid at Christmas – maybe with even more anticipation because I don’t know when the big day will be.

I have reached the point where family calls constantly to see how I am ( I know it’s nice but really – we’ll call you if anything is happening!) and if I don’t answer the phone, respond immediately to a text or post to Facebook people start assuming I must be in labor – conversely if I make a phone call, send a text or post something vague to Facebook people think I may be in labor!

Then there is work – where every day I say good bye as if it is my last – making sure to not leave anything at my desk I may want anytime soon – and every day I come back to work everyone commenting, “you’re still here?” .

All in all things are good – aside from the discomfort and the pain of just laying down or switching sides I seem to have pretty easy pregnancies. I see the Dr. on Tuesday to learn if there is any “action” going on. I do feel like my belly changed shape in the last couple days , I was compelled to mop all the floors in the house last night at 9 pm and I am finally starting to have more and more contractions – all god signs that this baby will vacate someday!


Dr.s Kissing Daddy January 16, 2010

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Greg had his surgery on Thursday and is recovering well. He’s in a little more pain then he thought he would be and TOTALLY over his crutches – but happy to be on the mend!

Thursday morning I was explaining to Fi that daddy was having surgery and that the Dr would have to go inside his owie to fix it. We talked about some other things and then she said, “mommy you’re funny” “daddy’s Dr is too big to fix daddy’s owie”. I had no idea what she meant until later when she wanted to see a picture of Greg’s foot and asked “is the Dr in there? I can’t see him” OH! She thought I meant the WHOLE Dr got into his owie!

Later she told me that she was pretty sure the Dr was kissing daddy now. I told her I hoped not but it would be pretty funny if he was!


Girls Day Out January 10, 2010

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Today I went over to my cousins house to assist them in cleaning out all their baby stuff by taking it all home with me. They live in Ballard – which we never get to – so after we filled the car with wonderful treasures for rutabga Fi and I headed to downtown Ballard to hit up – what else – the used baby goods store for one last thing I “needed”.

One of my favorite places for breakfast is Portage Bay Cafe which happens to be right next door so Fi and I stopped in for a little mommy/daughter brunch.

One of the great things about PBC’s brunch is the topping bar (everything there is organic and fresh btw). So Fi and I shared a plate of apple cinnamon whole wheat pancakes and then I surprised her with a trip to the topping bar where we loaded up on blueberries, raspberries and a dollop of whip cream for her.

When we got to the table she took a couple of bites and put her hands in the air and said, ” I just , I just , really love you mom”. aaaaaaah.

It was such a nice meal. Fiona’s really getting to the age where going out is fun. We can sit and have a conversation (even if a lot if her “conversation” is non-consecutive made up words strung together with hand motions and facial expressions and correct inflections to make it seem like she really has something to say=)

I’m really enjoying spending these little bits of time with just the two of us knowing that both our worlds are about to be rocked!


New baby not challenging enough?

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(i think this might be the first time GG has made it onto my blog! – this is him playing X-box with his cast)

Well baby rutabaga, your father didn’t think adding you to the mix of 2 cats, a dog and a (just about to turn) 3 year old was going to be quite challenging enough – so to make things interesting he went out and tore his achilles tendon Thursday in a soccer game.

We have to give him a bad time. Greg gave up playing co-rec soccer about 3.5 years ago after numerous knee injuries and surgeries. NUMEROUS. His knees are pretty much shot and in combination with the nature of soccer and the less then perfect playing surfaces co-rec plays on he decided he just shouldn’t do it anymore.

A few weeks ago his friend starting talking to him about playing again and Greg just couldn’t resist. He does LOVE soccer and he is quite good at it. When he told me he was going to play we just gave each other that knowing look and smile and he said, “don’t say anything”. When he left for the game that night all I told him was to have fun, don’t yell at anyone (another reason he had to stop co-rec soccer….yelling at the refs) and DON’T GET HURT. Fiona threw in a , “I hope daddy doesn’t get a rash” …. which I have no idea where that came from but I found quite funny!

Anyway…when my phone rang and it was him I knew it wasn’t good. It was only about 30 minutes into game time and Greg would never call me to tell me what a good time he was having. Sure enough – he was on his way to the ER. 15 minutes into the game he felt a snap and it was all over. He has an appointment on Tuesday and then we are hoping that he can get a surgery scheduled RIGHT AWAY so that that’s done and he’s starting to heal before rutabaga comes.

Not to mention that I’m hoping he’s done and out of surgery and recovered enough so that he’s there WHEN rutabaga comes!!!

I really feel bad for him. I know he feels like an ass and he hates feeling like he can’t do things. If he was doing something stupid when he got hurt I’d probably be mad but you can’t exactly wrap yourself in bubble wrap and not go about your business. I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I’ve actually had to say very little to give him a bad time – Fiona seems to be all over it =) The first thing she said when she saw him the morning after was , “now daddy, why did you go and do something like that?”. This was followed with about 3,000 other questions she had about everything from “was there blood” to “why are the crutches that tall”.

So the next few weeks will be exciting for sure. A baby to be born, an achilles tendon surgery to be had and Greg’s mom goes in for hip replacement surgery on 2/9.