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pat on the back February 20, 2010

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I just want to give myself a little pat on the back. I talked early in my pregnancy that I had goals this time to not gain a lot of weight and to stay in shape….well….

By the end I gained I think around 25 lbs. Compared to the 50 I gained with Fiona that was pretty good! And though I started off about 10 to 15 POUNDS more then I was when I got pregnant with Fi – I weighed WAY less at birth time then I did with Fi. All good…..

Now the most exciting part. I’m ALREADY back to where I was at the beginning. Yep, I’ve dropped 25 lbs. in 2 weeks. How the hell? I don’t know but I’ll take it!

I attribute part of it to boot camp. I knew I was gaining muscle at boot camp and everyone commented on how my face looked thinner – so we thought I was losing fat – but it was all too hard to tell because of everything else going on in my body. But now I think I must have been losing even though the scale said I was gaining.

I feel so good that I’m already starting to work out. I mean it will be awhile before I can figure out how to work out regularly – but I’m already looking to fit that in. I’m hoping I can just jump on this breast feeding bandwagon and get back to where I wanted to be 2 years ago!

So it may take 2 babies to lose my first babies baby-weight. But I’m game =) still can’t get my ring on though =) patience patience!!!


Shout Out to Moms

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I just want to send out an all encompassing thank you to moms out there. It seems like whenever I’m feeling my worst as a parent – or like I just have absolutely NO idea what to do next – I can email a few moms and support and thoughts and suggestions and empathy comes poring in. It is the best therapy in the world.

We were having a real struggle with Fiona just before Maisie was born and the first week after. Bed time was a disaster. We had gotten into the habit of laying down with Fi after she got into her big girl bed and it turned into a nightmare to break. It only added to her separation anxiety and whatever else was going on in that little heart of hers. Not to mention that we realized – thanks to maybe some not very welcomed words from a certain person – that Greg and I had been being way to lenient on Fi and she was definitely the boss around our house.

I think that it probably pretty common from full time working parents. Our time with her felt so limited that we just wanted to spend as much time as we could with her and were overly accommodating to her – not to mention that when she was a baby she was so needy that we just got used to responding to her every wish.

Either way it had to end. I reached to a few moms about the bed time thing and felt immediately better to know that everyone seems to go through it. That is such a relief to know. My cousin (mom of 4 under 5….yes….4 under 5) recommended a great site she uses (she as one set of twins) that addressed this very issue for twins – we just applied it to our little singleton =)

It was as simple as posting “Sleep Rules”…yep that’s it. I printed off a sign that says, “Sleep Rules” and then under that there are 4 rules. We also included what our bed time routine would be and a few words for Greg and I to stick to so that we were saying the exact same thing every single night – no free-forming. We held a family meeting and covered the rules with Fiona. And amazingly…..TRULY amazingly….it worked. We went from 1 to 3 hours of bed time routine and screaming and fighting to about a 30 minute routine. She still cries a tiny bit when it’s my turn to put her to bed – but I mean a TINY bit – and NO crying or fighting with Greg at all. Crazy huh?

The best part is every morning we have something measurable to celebrate with her, “Fiona! You did such a great job last night with bedtime. You stayed in your bed all night long! WE are so proud of you!” – and even better….. Fiona says, “I am so proud of myself! I did so good!”

So now we know that our little wound up smarty pants girl needs structure. We’ve started to regain control of our home and she has responded great to that as well. It makes sense that someone who has strong emotions like she does would really enjoy the structure – I can see where it would set her little heart at ease.

So anyway – thank you to all – what would we do without you!


Happy Birthday Big Girl February 13, 2010

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We knew the girls birthdays would be close together….i was really hoping that Maisie would come early so that there was maybe even a couple of weeks in between – but no….just 6 days! I planned Fiona’s Birthday Party on the Sunday before her actual Birthday and I did as much as I could beforehand….right down to making the food and freezing it! I had the presents wrapped and the pinata filled and everyone had their food assignments weeks ahead – I was determined that this party would happen!

I was so happy that it all worked out. We invited all of our family and our neighbors to come by to celebrate. Fiona wanted a “shasta” cake – Shasta is the name of the dog in her ABSOLUTE FAVORITE movie – “Snow Buddies” and my mom offered to make the cake – she LOVED it! I think it was really nice for Fiona to have a day that was all about her so soon after Maisie came home. There were so many people and kids to play with that she didn’t even notice her sister – and even asked to hold her towards the end of the night. She received so many wonderful gifts – but if I do say so myself….mom did pretty darn good when she got Fiona her VERY OWN SCISSORS! a true test of being a big girl =)

So now we have a “big” 3 year old. It’s hard to believe. I used to think that people with 3 year olds were experienced parents – believe me we feel anything but experienced these days. We’re really looking forward to what this year will bring – a whole new age, new baby – it’s going to be a heck of a year =)

Wed.  was Fiona’s actual Birthday. We got up in the morning and made chocolate chip pancakes to start out her special day. For lunch my friend Teri Mann came by and we packed a picninc lunch and headed to the park – unfortunately the weather didn’t work with us so we had to sit  under cover and didn’t play for long at all but still had a great time. For dinner she wanted to go to Red Robin and have Mac-n-Cheese – her all time favorite thing in the world to eat. Fiona chose her own outfit for the night – topped off by the new sunglasses that daddy got her for her Birthday to match mommies – and yes she wore it most of the time we were at Red Robin – hood and all. We had a few more gifts from us for her to open that night and of course she got to watch Snow Buddies before she went to bed. Again it was a pretty sweet Birthday night I think!


1st Born February 12, 2010

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Look how pretty – and OLD – she is in this picture!

Oh man. This is the hard part for me for #2. It’s #1. Fiona loves her baby sister and is as sweet as can be with her. Showering her with kisses, hugging her, holding her on her lap and helping whenever she can. She wants to watch us feed her, change her, dress her – EVERYTHING.

But even with that – this is hard on her.  She is a momma’s girl to the extreme and she is a sad little girl now that she isn’t momma’s only one. Her separation anxiety is at a high and it is hard. By day 2 I was in tears just watching her and knowing what she was feeling. I love cuddling and holding my little girl – and I have no doubt that I have enough love for both of them – now I just need to convince little Fi of this.

Night time is the hardest. I think we would be going through this stage anyway – I hear this is pretty normal for 3 year olds – but the addition of baby Maisie has just escalated it to a high. We are trying to figure out the best way to handle it – but believe me when I’m completely sleep deprived getting up every hour or 2 for one little girl I have even less patience for a much louder, kicking, screaming, hitting, whining one at 3 in the morning.

I hope this phase is short lived – THIS TOO SHALL PASS – that phrase never gets old.

Believe it or not Fi, way back when – when we decided to have baby #2 – part of this decision was for you =) (i mean – of course there’s a lot more to it then that!) we wanted you to have a sibling – and all of the joy that siblings bring. We love you so much Fiona Rose and I look forward to the day that we work our way through this – and I only hope that we handle it in the best possible way. One day we will look back on this and laugh. One day.


Maisie’s First Week

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I can’t believe that Maisie is already a week old! So far she has been doing what most little babies do – SLEEP ALL DAY and WAKE AND EAT ALL NIGHT!! The first night was hard – it was a wake up call – no pun intended – remembering what life was like with a weee weee one. But so far (and I know it’s only a week) I feel like I’m at least a little more acclimated to this life this time around and that the sleep deprivation isn’t all that unfamiliar that I’m finding myself just back in known territory.

Maybe it’s easier because I know that this WILL end. That one day she WILL sleep through the night. I know that we have a LONG way to go before we get to that stage – but I know for sure it will happen.

It’s easier this time too because both Greg and I are so much more confident. When Fi was born Greg was so nervous and Fi cried to much that if I was in the bathroom and I heard her crying panic would run through me and I would hurry as fast as I could to get to her. Now I hear her cry and I know that Greg can handle it until I can get there (if she even needs me!).

And I know it’s only been a week – and she has yet to wake up and show herself to us – but she seems to be a mellow mellow mellow baby. At her first check-up our pediatrician (who has one daughter – VERY similar to Fiona in temperament) commented that she was impressed we had another baby – her and her husband were too scared to =) And then after the exam she said – yes- you definitely have a mellow one here! Let’s hope she’s right =) So far her little cries seem just so little…..and when she does cry I can actually sooth her. I can’t wait to learn her personality and see who she becomes!


Maisie Lindsay Golding February 11, 2010

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I’m sitting here writing her story while she sleeps soundly on my shoulder. She is a sweet sweet soul.

Tuesday the 2nd of Feb. I had another doctor apt. with Dr. Bob. Still nothing much was happening – I was just 1.5 cm dilated and not really having any contractions. My blood pressure was high again, just like it was at the very end with Fiona. The labs always came back fine and once they would have me sit in bed and monitor me my blood pressure would always go back down – but….he suggested that if nothing happens we induce before the blood pressure did become a problem. I told him we were having 20 people over for a 3rd Birthday Party at our house on Sunday – he said how about Friday!

So Friday the 5th we thought it would be. I was surprisingly bummed to think that I would need to be induced. Even though I know several people who have had to be – and have never thought twice about it – once you hear it’s going to be you it’s a bit of a bummer. There is a hope that everything will just happen naturally. So I had myself a good conversation with Baby Rutabaga and started massaging my feet and ankles every time I had a chance.

Wed. night I started having non painful contractions – not at any consistency and not that strong but at least it was something. Thursday morning I woke up and stood up and there was a little gush. Could this be it?  But then nothing really after that. I laid back down and looked up “water breaking” on the i-phone =) Sometimes it’s not always a BIG gush – sometimes lot’s of little ones. Then I stood back up and again there was a little gush. hmmmmmmmm. I called the Dr. It’s always a little embarrassing when you don’t really know what’s going on with your own body – but I just wasn’t sure.

They had me come into the office. So after showers and breakfast and dropping Fi off at the grandparents we headed into the doctor. By now there were enough little gushes that I told Dr. Bob if that wasn’t what was happening then I had another very serious problem =) He checked me and sure enough that was the case and he sent us straight to the hospital. First we ran downstairs to get something to eat (I’m SO glad we did that) and there in Subway I had another “big” gush. I grabbed Greg’s hand and told him we had to get out of there! The only bathroom we knew of was back up at the 11th floor so up we went. I was soaking wet but luckily no one other then us could really tell!

We got to the hospital around 12:30 and it all felt very civilized. I drove us to the doctor (remember Greg’s boot), I drove us to the hospital. We wandered upstairs and were admitted straight to the birthing suite and not the tinniest contraction could be felt! (when your water breaks they are afraid of infection so they get you in as soon as possible so they can monitor you and baby and get things going if they need to. We sat around waiting for my sister to arrive an happily chatting with our nurse (June).

After a couple of hours they decided that since nothing was happening on it’s own (i had progressed all the way to a whopping 2!) they would start a slow petocin drip. Still nothing. They just kept upping it a bit every hour or so and I did a lot of walking back and forth in the hallway hoping to get something started. We loved our nurse but she was off at 7 and it was clear we wouldn’t be done by then! Finally around 3:00 the contractions were picking up enough that I actually had to breathe through them. Around 6:30 I decided to get the epidural. I wasn’t sure if I would get one this time – but a ways into the contractions and I decided why not =) The nurse told me the way the petocin works is that all of a sudden the contractions will ramp up – and sure enough they did. The epidural people came and this time they had me sit up to get it (with Fiona they had me lay on my side in fetal position which was horribly painful for me! ). It started to kick in by around 7 – just as the new nurse came on duty. Unlike last time I could still feel the contractions enough that I still had to breathe through them. With Fiona I could feel the pressure but absolutely no pain – this time I could feel the pain – it just took the edge off. It was actually kind of nice – I didn’t “like” the pain but I liked really feeling what was going on and knowing when they were getting stronger.

I was at a around a 4 when I got the epidural but by 9:30 I was ready to go. Dr. Johannsen was the doctor on duty. There are a handful of doctors in the practice that I go to and luckily Dr. Johannsen was one of them that I had met. Both Greg and I really liked her and were glad that she was the one delivering if Dr. Bob couldn’t be there.

Dr. J got into the room and in just 4 little pushes our beautiful baby Maisie took her first breath of air. She was gorgeous from the get go. Once again because she came out so fast her head was round and her skin pink. With Fiona we had the marconeum team but with Maisie I got to hold her instantly. She was SO TINY! She weighted 7lbs. 13 oz. (almost a full pound smaller then Fi) and was 19.75″ long. Born at 9:56 p.m.

Everyone in the room was overjoyed. I was crying so much when they asked me her name I couldn’t even say it out loud – it seemed to precious.

The rest of our stay in the hospital was pretty easy. They actually let us go in less then 24 hours which we were SO happy about. I didn’t want to tell Fiona that we were going to be gone for another night. Last time we had a bit of trouble with night nurses – but this time we had a great nurse who was very sweet and it made the stay a lot easier.

Greg’s parents brought Fiona by the hospital around 11 and she was able to stay for a few hours before Greg brought her back to their house (we didn’t know for sure we were going home at that point). Fiona was SO HAPPY to see us and her little sister. She climbed right into bed with me and snuggled with us all. When it was time to go it was a little tough and she was very sad but so happy to be home with us that night.

Welcome to the world little Maisie – it is that much more beautiful now that you are in it.


overDUEdate February 1, 2010

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Once again these kids just don’t like to come out when they are supposed to. Or wait – they do come out when they are supposed to – it’s just us who don’t really know when that might be!

So here I am at 40 weeks and 1 day. I thought Rutabaga would be early for sure – but no. Fiona was 3 days late so we’ll see if that stays true to form or not. I suppose with all the things we’ve had going on in our family the last few weeks it’s really a good thing she’s still in there…..let a bit of it blow over before we are consumed with baby again.

I’m trying to remember how last time all I wanted was for Fi to come out and then after about a week I was really wishing maybe she could just go back in for a bit =)

Really the biggest thing for me is that Fiona’s Birthday is just around the corner. Her actual B-day is on the 10th and her party is on the 7th. There is a very good chance that little R’s could be the same. Now I don’t know if you know this about me or not….but strangely enough I was born on my sister’s 3rd Birthday. Crazy huh? And if you think a 3 year old won’t remember any of that – just ask my sister!

I’ve never had a Birthday alone – I have always shared the day with someone else….and honestly the thought of anything else never really crossed my mind – but my sister – she did have the sweet sweet taste of a special day all her own – and though i think she actually enjoyed sharing our day I think she often wished it was back to the way it once was =)

So though I’ve known for some time that the reality was going to be these girls Birthdays would be really super close together – I truly hoped there would at least be a week in between. I may have just cursed myself by saying that. I suppose if she waited another 2 weeks….which is possible…then my hopes would still come true.

At the very least I want to be at Fi’s party and at home on her special day. This transition will be hard enough for her on it’s own.

And baby Rutabaga someday when you’re older if you’re reading this – we are all so happy and excited for you to be here whenever you get here – I’m sure you know better then I when the “right time” is.

Until then I’ll keep updating FaceBook so everyone knows I’m not in labor….and then of course update FaceBook so everyone knows when I am in labor =)