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Little Mommy April 26, 2010

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Sometimes I think Fiona has more mothering instinct in her little finger then I do as a whole. This morning when M was crying while I thought i was going to get a shower Fi came up to me and put her hands on my arm and said, “mom since daddy is gone I (patting her chest) can help you take care of Maisie – I really can, don’t you worry”


Speaks For Itself April 22, 2010

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Squirrel Nut April 20, 2010

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I just thought I would run down some of the nicknames we’ve put on little Maisie… Squirrel Nut (that’s mine and it’s the equivellent to Fi’s Tookie Bird ), Maiser Beam (inspired by her sisters love of The Incredibles movie), Mei-Mei (means little sister in Mandarin – also happens to be the name of one of our kitties that died ), Text – since she goes by the book, Maise, and Pug – because she must have a very small nasal cavity and she is always congested and snorting….especially in the morning she sounds like a pug!



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Well I have some more filling in to do – but 4/16 was the first night that Maisie slept through the night!!! AND AND AND AND AND she has ever since!!! I mean really through the night. None of that 5 hours stuff…she goes to bed around 8 or 9 (we still haven’t established that yet) and sleeps until 5:30 or 6. I don’t know how long this will last but I’ll enjoy it while I have it!


2 Months

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12lbs. 140z. and 24″ long. So she’s just a shy bit lighter then Fi was at 2 months but a whole inch longer! Maybe she’ll be tall? Maisie is still our mellow little girl. We started calling her “text” because she does what all those books say a baby her age should do. She has started smiling and wakes up happy every morning. We have all had horrible colds for weeks now but it hasn’t seemed to dampen her spirit at all – she’s as sweet as can be.



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We had another fun filled Easter weekend this year.

To start things off we colored Easter Eggs with Seth, Serena and Amelia:

On Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt at the farm that we visited earlier in the week. The weather was poopy….rainy and COLD….like that bone chilling wet cold. Other then that the farm was great and Fiona had a really fun time. Maisie of course had no idea anything was going on =) The highlight for Fiona was getting to ride the horse!

On Easter morning we got up and found our Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny left us:

After a nice relaxing morning Grandpa and Grandma Golding, Kevin and Theresa and Shaun came over for a yummy low-key Easter brunch. Alan and Valerie were spending time with Val’s family and Grandma and Grandpa Predmore decided to rest up at home. We had another Easter Egg hunt in the front yard. Later (after nap time) we went over to the neighbors house for yet one more Easter Egg hunt and just some good play time with the neighborhood.

The chocolate Easter Bunny lasted a week. There were almost tears at the end because ” the face is too cute to eat! “


Farm Day

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Ellie and I joined a group that is for women who want to get outside and play….both with children and without. The first event that Fiona, Maisie and I attended was at this great family farm out in Issaquah called Fox Hollow Farms. It’s a family owned farm (the family lives there) and they open it up on Wed. mornings for moms with kids and they do special events there. They also teach equestrian classes and you can rent it for a Birthday party if you want. It was really cool! The parking lot is small so they only allow so many folks (you have to make a reservation) and you have access to most of the farm. The barn has horses, pigs, lambs, ducks, chickens, chicks, peacocks, rabbits and a million cats. The kids can pet everything. There’s a bouncy house upstairs and giant balls to kick around in the lawn. There’s even both electric and pedal powered tractors for the kids to ride around. We had a great time and Fiona keeps asking to go back: