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Mother’s Day May 10, 2010

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Today was the (i don’t know…umpteenth) annual Mother’s Day Brunch at Alan and Valerie’s. Honestly I think I look forward to the food at this brunch more then Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It is WONDERFUL!!!  Valerie is an excellent cook (and I’m not just saying that because I know she reads this blog =) and my sister brings some FABULOUS dishes too (like her AMAZING clam dip that I could eat and entire bowl of by myself!!!).

The weather was FINALLY  beautiful – something we all desperately needed.

We woke up and got moving right away. Greg’s parents and Kevin came with us too. I always think I am so very lucky that we can combine both families on days like this. I truly hope that Greg’s family doesn’t mind – it certainly makes it easier for Greg and I and extra special because we can all spend it together.

We ate and visited and played croquet and bocce ball until both girls were about to melt down that hopped in the car for home. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to spend the day!


3 Months

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Maisie was 3 months old on the 4th and we’re doing great! She’s growing growing growing and as happy as can be. I’m not completely sure what she weighs =) I guess that’s the 2nd baby for you huh? But she’s starting to grow out of her 3 month clothes and into 3 to 6 month clothes now. The weather has been so gross around here that I’m afraid to buy her anymore clothes because most of what she has is for summer but we’re still wearing long sleeves and fleece!

Maisie is starting to talk a lot to us and squeals and goos and gurggles. She is pretty good about playing on her little play mat but she really loves sitting in her bouncy chair in the kitchen – which is a HUGE help to me because I can actually cook dinner and get some stuff done while she sits in there and kicks and bounces to her hearts content.

She has pretty consistently been sleeping through the night – or at least only waking up once. She sleeps a lot during the day too! We haven’t really established any nap schedule yet – I’m hoping that that will start to fall into place in the next couple of months. It’s nice that she sleeps a lot during the day but it would be even nicer if she always slept at the same time (i know , i know, count my blessings and be happy!!! =) She does always take a morning nap…which could last 1 hour or 3 =) and she’s just now starting to go to bed a bit earlier each evening.

Her BEST skill so far? Falling asleep on her own. Most of the time if I catch her when she is just getting sleeping I can lay her down in her crib and she will fall soundly asleep on her own. In fact I’ve noticed that if she’s having a hard time getting to sleep I’m better off laying her down and letting her go on her own…not only will she fall asleep faster but she stays asleep longer!

She loves sucking on her hand – but still won’t take the bottle =( I go back to work in a few more weeks – maybe she’ll take it by then? I don’t know why my girls are so stubborn about those bottles! Both mommas girls I guess!

As for work…I will be returning the first week of June but only part time. The plan is for me to work Wed., Thurs. and Friday. I feel so lucky to be able to do this! Still keep my career moving along (if at a slower pace then before) but also get to spend more time home with my girls.

Now we just need this weather to start warming up so we can get outside and play and go for walks. Come on Sunshine!


Long Ago When Dad Went to China

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OK – catch up time here. A month or so ago Greg went to China for 8 days – not too long of a trip in our book, but since it would have been my first time alone with both girls I made sure to fill the trip with lot’s of distractions.

I remember when Maisie was just a few days old I we went to a park with our friend Terri and I was talking to her about what in the world I was going to do when Greg went to China. HOW HOW HOW would I get both girls down for bed by myself? She assured me that just like last time when I thought HOW HOW HOW in the world would I get Fiona to bed by myself that it would work out. Sure enough it did. It helped that Maisie is such an easy baby. She was already pretty predictably going to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 – and by some miracle – when she goes to bed she stays asleep. I remember when Fi was this age she would go to bed but wake up after 20 minutes and then again after a couple of hours. Not Maisie. She’s out. So the first couple of nights Greg was gone it was just us girls and truthfully we did just fine! Fiona really tried to be patient and help me out and I would just wait to put her to bed until Maisie was down. I made it easy on myself and bought some frozen meals ahead of time so I didn’t have to worry about cooking and clean up. We did great.

Then Friday morning Aunt Theresa came to stay with us for the weekend. Friday we went to the new fancy mall in Bellevue (where we could NEVER afford to actually buy anything) and stopped by at the cupcake shop upstairs for a treat. Later that day we went out for sushi (which I have been craving for months!) and then home to watch a movie and relax. That in-and-of-itself was a full day!

Saturday we got up early and headed to Seattle for the Children’s Museum. Theresa bought us a family pass for Fi’s Birthday and we hadn’t gotten a chance to check it out yet. We had a great time – the museum is very cool and Fiona loved the grocery store section, the Metro bus, the firetruck and the dance party. We should have stopped there and gone home. I pulled a rookie-mom-move and didn’t pack a lunch – thinking we would just go upstairs and “grab something quick” at the food court. BIG mistake. It was a ZOOOOO. It took us forever to get food and find a place to sit and sit and eat it (remember all this time I’m carrying Maisie in a sling). By the time we got out of there we were cooked. Fiona is in this inbetween stage for naps. She “can” make it all day without a nap. Most days she really needs one but by the time she’s actually tired it’s almost too late in the day to get one in. Really we just need to move her bed time up and make it earlier and earlier and she probably would be fine. ANYWAY. By the time we got home Fiona was past a nap and was ABSOLUTELY exhausted. We had a major MAJOR tantrum while trying to force feed dinner and finally got her to bed.

I felt bad for the little tookie – it really wasn’t her fault…she was just too too too tired.  (all the pix are at the end)

Sunday morning we got up and I packed up all the stuff the girl’s and I would need to go to Enumclaw and spend a few nights. Auntie stayed until I could get the car packed and we left pretty much the same time that she did.

Once we got to Enumclaw we slowed things down a bit and Fiona got a chance to chill and nap. She LOVES staying there and helping Grandpa feed the birds and the squirrels in the morning. I think Grandma may have gotten a little jealous because Grandpa seemed to be a hit with Maisie too. Every time he looked at her or held her she would just smile smile smile! We tried to not do much running around we just hung out and played. After the busy time with Auntie it was just what she needed. She was a great girl the rest of the week. While we were in Enumclaw we went and visited Uncle Alan at the fire station – for some reason  Fi asked us on the way there if he had root beer there. Sure enough he did and she was thrilled. She got root beer and a “jr. firefighter” sticker badge and a coloring book. Later that night Uncle Alan, Auntie Val, Cousin Karl, Cousin Kim, Great Aunt Lois and Great Uncle Ed came over for dinner and to see the girls (and to meet Maisie for the first time!). It was really a wonderful evening.  Fiona played with Alan and Val all night and Maisie just got passed around as content as could be with her family.

We were only home for a day before daddy got home. It was a bit of a relief to have that first trip under my belt!