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Back To Work June 1, 2010

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I can’t believe how fast this time has flown by. It will only start to go by faster once I start back at work – and to think I was supposed to go back a month ago! I couldn’t have done it. These little peanuts are much too small for their mommies to leave them!

The thing that I have to look forward to though is that this time I’m only going back part time. Greg and I decided on that months ago and when I presented it to my boss she was more then supportive of the idea. I am very lucky to work for such a flexible group of people who are willing to figure stuff like this out.

Before I went on leave I really felt like working 3 days a week was the perfect amount. Both parents working full time is HARD HARD HARD. You get home from work and you scramble around to make dinner and then it’s bed time and you haven’t spent any time with each other. The whole weekend is taken up with household chores and errands that you can’t get done during the week and then still you haven’t spent any time together. We’re really hoping that once Maisie get’s older I’ll be able to get a lot of things done on my two weekdays at home and there will be more family time on the weekends.

Greg’s parents are going to watch the girls on Wed. and Thursday and Greg will work from home on Fridays and take care of the girls. I’m really excited for him to get that time with them – I just hope hope hope hope that Maisie will take that bottle so she’s not screaming all day – that would be so hard on both him and Fiona! Other then that I’m not nearly as worried about going back as I was last time. Now I  know that in time we’ll get a good schedule down and I’ll enjoy being out of the house for a chunk of time each week.

Wish me luck =)


Memorial Day Weekend

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Well even though Memorial Day weekend this year was more like a dark drab weekend in November – we decided to head up to the cabin anyway. We haven’t been up there since last summer. We had such little snow this early winter and then when we did get snow it was either too close to my due date or after Maisie came so we just never made it up there. Greg’s parents were going to be there all weekend too and some family friends from Portland were going to stop by for one of the days.

This would be our first trip to the cabin with Maisie. I remember the first trip to the cabin with Fiona….it wasn’t that fun. Sorry Fi =) But it was my first glimpse of “vacations” with a baby….which actually means no vacation =) And at least when you are at home you can throw everyone in the car and go for a drive or go to the mall or starbucks or something! Anyway – I was a little hesitant but ready to give it a go. We weren’t sure where everyone would sleep with the new addition or how it would all work – but we loaded up the car and headed out on Friday.

Aside from the weather we ended up having a really nice time. It rained all day on Friday, off and on on Saturday and then misted on Sunday. Fiona brought her digging tools and we spent some time down at the beach digging in the dirt – but the wind usually ended up getting the best of us and we would come in after a bit. (poor little fiona was SURE that it would be warm and sunny at the cabin even though it was raining and 48 at our house….first lesson in weather and geography =).

Family friends came up and spent most of the day on Saturday which was great. We went for a walk, ate a lot of food and chatted. Natalie had a great time entertaining Fiona and Fiona was in love with Olivia (the big girl=).

We brought the new bottle along and I spent a fair amount of time in my room pumping milk so that everyone could continue to convince little Maisie that she really wanted to take the bottle. We had some success (and a few flops) but all in all it went pretty well.

As for sleeping Fiona decided on her own that she would sleep in the other bedroom (she has always slept in our room at the cabin…in the closet in a pack-and-play). But this time she slept in the bunk bed room across the hall. It actually worked out great – we have a little blow up “elmo” bed that she loves and she slept in that on the floor, Greg slept in the bottom bunk in her room and Maisie and I slept in the bed in our room. Maisie had a hard time sleeping at the cabin. I remember that Fiona did too until she was a year or more old. M slept great at night but very little during the days – today she took monster naps all day long =)  But she was in a great mood and loved going for walks amongst the trees.

We can’t wait to get back already. Now that Fiona is old enough to really enjoy the cabin – and we see how much she loves it – we are excited for Maisie to be a bit older so the girls can play together in the water and in the woods. There will be many good times to come up there.


May 13th

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Remember that date – I’ll tell you why someday =)

The month of May has been a full month – with as many ups as downs and filled with twists and turns. The beginning of the month brought us some beautiful weather, but that was short lived and the rest of the month has felt more like October then May. My last month as a SAHM and we spent most of it cooped up in the house!

Grandma Predmore usually comes up on Mondays to hang out with the girls but in the beginning of the month she was sick and at the end of the month she had to have a pace maker put in. We have missed her greatly! I know she misses the girls and we can’t wait until she is feeling better so we can get her back one day a week.

Fiona has been busy just being her. It never stops amazing me the conversations we can have. She has a great sense of humor and is way too smart for her own good. She has really adjusted well to having a little sister around and loves her to pieces. Maisie LOVES watching her and the two of them crack each other up a lot. I love it.

Maisie is still her mellow little self. I go back to work THIS WEDNESDAY and up until just a few days ago Maisie wouldn’t take a bottle. Just like her big sister did to me! I haven’t been stressing about it with her as much as I did with Fiona, I’ve been trying to have faith that it would happen. Finally I ordered a “special” bottle on line – one that looks as much like a boob as a bottle could. We brought it with us this weekend to the cabin – and low and behold – it seems to work. She still doesn’t really *love* it , but at least she will drink out of it from time to time. Now I just need to be able to pump enough milk for her – she still won’t drink formula. Pumping is a real drag, and I’m not very good at it, but I’m trying hard to embrace it for the “babysitters” sake.

Here are some pix of our month:

Fiona and Zoe   |   Fiona “building roads” in the back yard, “of course I have to keep my helmet on mom”  |  Maisie chilaxing.

Daddy and Maisie relaxing before bed   |  Fiona is really Greg’s daughter, she told me she “HAD to wash her bike!”  | The girls and Daddy wrestling

Fiona shark and yellow after bath   |   Maisie and Conrad Booher (6 mo) playdate =)   |   Fiona and Jackson Booher