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Finally the stats are in August 21, 2010

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Maisie finally had her 6 month appointment yesterday. The stats are good: 17.5 lbs and 26.5 “. She is happy and healthy! Maisie is really rolling around…anywhere she wants to go she can roll there. She still loves sucking on her middle two fingers and never sucks her thumb so I am wondering if she is going to keep that habit when she gets a little older. Her hair is still a little curly on the top and in the back…so maybe we will have a curly headed one? She has been pushing up onto her hands and knees just a bit…mostly at night – in the middle of the night actually and is really good at sitting up all by herself for long periods of time. She loves for us to walk her around on her feet….and man can that girl BOUNCE!


Catching Birds

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I’m not sure where she got the idea. What I do know is that when she has an idea there isn’t anyone that can convince her different or get in her way. The other morning Fiona came running to me exclaiming, “mommy! mommy! I need to get my rubber band so that I can go catch a bird and tie it to it and it will fly around with me!” … AND….”you need to help!”.

sigh. O.K. honey, let’s go do it.

So outside we go – Fiona pointing out birds to me and Maisie and I running after them. Funny enough but we never even got close. Fiona insisted that it was possible. Then we stood under a tree where we knew birds were and we jumped as high as we could. Yet, still no birds.

Then I said it. “Fiona, I don’t think we can catch a bird….and even if we do I don’t think you can tie it to your wrist and walk around with it. It wouldn’t like that very much.”


The day went on like that. She insisted that it was possible…and where she usually loses interest in something…of course she did not in this. Finally I had to get to the grocery store so I told Fi that we had to come inside and go to the grocery store before Maisie’s nap. She wouldn’t budge. I kept asking…then telling…then threatening. She resisted, got mad and finally we were in all out temper tantrum and I was a “bad bad mommy!” because I was going to make her stop trying to catch a bird and go grocery shopping.

Then Maisie fell asleep. So no grocery store and out we went again to hunt birds.

The next morning the very first thing she wanted to do was go out and hunt birds again. This time I convinced her to make a trap (above) she picked out the pink ribbon because, “the birds will really like the pink and come and get in my trap for sure”. We used popcorn as bait. Zoe dog was psyched.

We are on day 5 of hunting birds. You will be surprised to know that we still haven’t caught one.


Out of my way I have work to do

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Fiona ran past me the other night into her room and then came running back by with tool box in hand. I asked her what she was doing and she told me, “me and daddy have some work to do”. Zoe was in front of the slider door and I heard her say, “excuse me zoe, out of my way I have work to do!”. Then she ran out and helped dad but the hitch on the back of the van. (oh yes, van…see the corner of it…oooh la la )


MISSING posters August 18, 2010

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I just wanted to keep a note of this cute story. Basso the cat has never returned. Greg and I are almost certain he was a midnight snack…but Fiona is sure he will return someday. Last week she asked if we could make LOST posters for him. I was surprised enough about that….I mean how did she know about LOST posters? She must have seen it on a cartoon or something….

So I happened to have a poster that I had made a few years back when he went missing for a few days and I pulled it up and we printed it off. Then I asked her where in the neighborhood we should hang them. “Oh, we aren’t going to hang them in the neighborhood mommy, I want to hang them in the kitchen and one outside my bedroom. That way when he goes by he’ll look and see them and know that we want him to come home so he’ll come back inside.”

So for about a week we had 3 missing cat posters hanging in our kitchen and one in the hall way.

Sweet girl.


I’m One Lucky Mommy

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Monday night I went to the grocery store. I had hoped to go earlier in the day right after the girls Dr. appointment. That was – until I realized that Greg took Maisie’s car seat to work with him. Damn those removable infant seats! So instead we ate an early dinner and waited for daddy to get home to go. This puts us at about 6:30 leaving the house….7 when we’re all locked and loaded in the store. That night we tried something new – it was SO HOT out that I couldn’t bare to put miss grabby-pants in the sling so I put her in front of the cart and Fiona could walk or ride in the cart until it was too full.

I thought to myself….what am i thinking! I’m already pushing my luck going grocery shopping this late at night with two little ones now I’m trying a completely untested plan? But we went on – and this is how I know I’m the luckiest mom.

Fiona did great. She rode in the cart until it was just too full and then without complaining she hopped out and walked the rest of the way. Up and down every isle…entertaining herself, entertaining Maisie, then stood patiently while we went through the whole check out piece of it. Not a complaint or a whine or a tear.

Maisie – as exhausted as she had to be – smiled and kicked at every passer by. It was a truly beautiful thing to watch as people would pass by her and then just be mesmorized by her sparkling eyes and her huge grin. They would stop and smile or wave. I even caught her smiling at a young college dude , who you could tell was a little uncomfortable with the whole thing, yet couldn’t help but to watch her and smile back ( he stood off to the side so that it didn’t look like he was engaging with her =) .

We got the van (yes, I said van…that’s a whole other story) and within minutes they were both out like lights. To be that tired and yet be so good. How did I get so lucky?


West Seattle Morning August 7, 2010

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We are a sight eh?

Thumbs up for chowder

Lu and the new one

Rain makes my hair curly but I sure am happy about it!

This was a little test…I uploaded these using my phone ap and now I’m trying to go in and write and edit….seems to be working…other then that the pictures are REALLY big….hmmmm.

This morning we got up and got out the door to go visit Lori on the West Side for a coffee and walk. Between Lori’s schedule, my schedule and Lake Washington we rarely get to see each other anymore and certainly don’t get to spend the quality time we used to so this was perfect.

We grabbed a coffee and walked down the beach with the girls, Zoe and Blazer (her dog) in tow. After about a hour the rains came and dashed all plans of digging in the sand with our buckets (which turned out to be OK because I forgot dogs aren’t allowed on the beach at Alki). Fiona reminded us that it was lunch time to we stopped for some chowder at Dukes (fitting on a rainy day) and then headed home for some nap time.

Sadly it is hard to fit in quality time with my friends but I feel so fortunate to have good ones that understand. We know that it will get easier as kids get older and more portable…not balancing naps and diapers (probably balancing other things =), talking to Lu was like we hadn’t skipped a beat in our friendship. It makes me happy to see my babes take to them like they’ve known them as long as I have – to know that they will be influenced by such good people.

Life is Good.


Maisie’s Angels August 6, 2010

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Greg is out of town right now so I need to be extra diligent about my morning routine to get out of the house on time.

This morning I managed to wake up early and get into the shower before Maisie was awake (Fiona will sit in our bed and watch cartoons while I get ready but M is still at that ‘what do I do with you while I shower?’ age).

As I was getting dressed I hear Maisie wake up. If she wakes up happy (which is almost always) I usually leave her in her crib a bit to play before I rush into her – I imagine this is “good for her” and it gives me a chance to run around and get all the things done I need to do in the morning that I can’t do with babe-in-arms (like clean the litter box).

Anyway – it occurred to me while running around how quite little M was being. I wondered if maybe she had fallen back to sleep. I peaked my head in her room and to my surprise she was contently laying in her crib watching her mobile spin around and listening to the music.

Why was I surprised? Because the “on” button to the mobile is on top of the mobile…and unless she’s standing on her own while we aren’t looking….the top of the mobile is out of M’s reach. She’s never turned it on by herself before…..She was quite happy…with a big old toothless grin. I smiled too – it seems we have some angels in the house helping us with our morning routine.

I wonder if they do dinner dishes?