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0-60 September 28, 2010

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This weekend we went down to  Enumclaw to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa. (Greg is at his last Interbike in Vegas and should be home tomorrow). Maisie has been working on crawling for some time now. We aren’t sure exactly HOW she gets around – but we put her down and turn our back and the next thing we know she’s all the way across the room. We think she must be like a “hover-baby” =)

Anyway….when we got to Enumclaw she was just starting to get on her hands and knees (she’s an EXPERT sitter). By the end of the weekend she could go from laying down to sitting up on her own (she still isn’t “crawling”) and we had the hardest time getting her to sit because all she wanted to do was stand up or “walk” around.

When we got home I put her and Fi into her crib to play while I put her clothes away. Fi says, “mom look what Maisie’s doing.” I turn around and Maisie has pulled herself to standing at the crib – then we watched her let go with both hands and turn and grab her mobile.

It’s taken her awhile to show any interest but now all of a sudden she is going from 0-60 when it comes to mobility! =)


My Own Office Too?

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The other night Fiona and I were reading books and one of her stories was about what you want to be when you grow up. So I asked her what she wanted to be. She said, “well, what do you do?”.  “I’m a graphic designer.” “Oh, that’s what I want to be so that I can go to work with you at your work every day.” a few seconds pass….”but I’ll need my own chair.” “Oh, they’ll give you your own chair. In fact, they’ll even give you your own computer.” “Oh – will I get my own office too?” “Well, at least you’ll get your own cubicle” “oh good, I want my own cubicle!”


That’s How I Do School September 23, 2010

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Just wanted to add this (for those of you on Facebook sometimes my posts are redundant…but since FB is not even close to forever I try and document most of it here too)

The other morning I had Fi all dressed for school so she was laying in bed watching cartoons and eating her breakfast. I was running around getting ready. I walked in the room and she said to me so matter-of-factly, “Mom, today first I’m going to cry a little bit when you take me to school then I’m going to have fun. That’s just the way I do school”. End of story.

I LOVE that she decides how she is going to do things and that’s just the way it is. Sure it’s frustrating sometimes. I can only imagine how frustrating that will be as a teenager – but I want her to hold onto that confidence and sense of self. I want her to grow up feeling like the way she wants things is valid and o.k. Since birth she has known what she wants – what a beautiful trait to have!


First Sister Bath September 21, 2010

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Finally Maisie is old enough to sit up in the bath seat in the big girl tub. I’ve been waiting for this day! Just one bath time – yahoooo!! I remember having so much fun taking baths with my sister when we were little. I hope Fi and M love it too. The bath went great and the girls loved it. (I realized that it can’t happen every time because Fi is often too dirty for me to put the girls in together =)…what can I say…the girl likes to dig!)


First Day of Preschool

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For months now Fiona has been insisting that she’s not going to go to school. I think she felt a little better about things after the BBQ and met some of the kids she would be hanging with. (and that it seemed we weren’t going to give into her insistence!)

She got up and got ready for school no problem. When we got there she was nervous but no tears until a little boy came in crying – the the waterworks began. The teacher asked me what I wanted to do and I told her that I was going to turn around and leave and she said great, picked Fi up, and off they went.

Every day so far Fi has cried when I took her to school – when I pick her up she is so excited about school she can’t stop talking to us about it. We know she loves it =) She cries for about 3 minutes and then has a great time. She’s made a friend, a little girl named Ricco – they are the same age and the teachers said matched skill wise perfectly. Fiona really likes her. The teachers (miss monique and miss gail) said that Fiona loves to help them. She cleans up messes – even other kids – and helps the little kids if they are sad (so sweet).

I asked her if she made friends with any boys and she told me, “no mom. the boys are naughty. they are just silly silly silly. Ricco and me just sit and watch them” =) We’ll see how long that lasts!

We had an ice cream cone celebration for the first day – and of course she picked straight up vanilla =)

I’m hoping the crying will end (i’m sure it will) and so happy that we have such a GREAT school to start of Fi’s learning career =)


7 Months

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Maisie Baby is a happy happy baby. So far she’s still holding onto that curly crazy hair – and it continues to look like her eyes are turning to hazel. We still haven’t seen any sign of teeth even though she drools like a mad woman!

Maisie is still working on crawling – she’s great at going from sitting to her hands and acts like she is just going to take off one day. She absolutely amazes us. We can sit her down on the floor – turn around – and suddenly she is all the way across the room. We have NO IDEA how she does it. Lately she has started to act like she wants to pull herself up to stand – though she’s not quite strong enough or coordinated enough to that just yet!

The one thing this girl doesn’t do is SLEEP.  She still has no sleep pattern and we have a heck of a time getting her down for a 2nd nap. The words in my sleep book keep echoing in my ears about poor sleep deprived babes – but she just won’t fall asleep. She’s happy the whole time she’s up but I know she’s tired. I’ve left her in her crib for the LONGEST time – still no sleep. I’m hoping that – just like Fiona – once she starts walking and eating food more that her sleep will even out. Please oh Please!

We’ve been feeding her food food for a month now but she’s not much of a eater. She does seem to LOVE  her cheerios though and attacks them with gusto! Everything she does is with a lot of gusto actually =)

She is starting to wave when we say “wave” and she tries to clap her hands when music comes on or when I clap mine. We call her “the octopus”. She’s like holding a wild cat. She climbs, she claws and she bounces and bounces and bounces. Her hands are grabbing grabbing grabbing – grabby grabby grabby – all the time. Holding her is crazy! Fiona was easy as a toddler when it came to getting into things. She just didn’t do it. We had no need to baby proof because she didn’t get into anything. I have a feeling that this time around might be different. She is as sweet as can be but man is she busy and curious! I can’t wait to find out =)


Headed to the Claw

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With Greg gone I packed up the girls and headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the Claw

(oh let me note….I didn’t get a single photo but my friend from OK came to town for a few days and the girls and I got to hang out with her. It was the first time Beck got to meet the girls and I was so happy that they finally got to spend time together. Fiona LOVED her and hopefully there will be more time spent together in the future!)

The last couple of weeks Maisie had been really clingy and a bit crabby so I was unsure how this weekend would go. But once we arrived her ever present smile was back and she happily played and snuggled with everyone we spent time with.

She really does amaze me. She would sit on the rug with her toys and play for hours. I mean HOURS. So content – so happy!

Fiona of course was in seventh heaven hanging out with Grandpa all weekend. She woke up SO EARLY  every day because she didn’t want to miss out on feeding the squirrels and the birds (even though he would never do it without her). I would say that Grandpa was in seventh heaven too. I even caught him “swirling his dress” around outside with her SINGING the barney theme song together! Yikes!

Then Grandpa showed Fiona all about reading maps. His FAVORITE thing to do ! =)

The highlight of the trip? When Beck was in town we went to Archie McPhees (fi’s first time) and she found some “Girl Squirrel Panties” – she HAD to get them for G-Pa and his squirrels! They spent a good portion of the weekend searching the yard for a squirrel they could catch and try the panties on!