The Golden(ing) ChildREN

For those who would like to watch the growth of the Golden(ing) childREN

10 Months December 14, 2010

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19 lbs. 5 oz. & 30″ long.

10 months is lot’s of fun! Sure she still doesn’t sleep….but we’ll get there….right? RIGHT?!!? Maisie still isn’t walking which I can’t believe. She walks all over the place with us…even only holding on to one hand. She’s walking on her own she just doesn’t know it yet! She’s working on a couple more teeth right now but they don’t seem to be bothering her like the first one did (please tell me I did not just jinx myself!!) I love this time because suddenly she is starting to communicate with us and we can tell that she’s starting to understand. When we say no she shakes her head and ‘some’ times she actually even stops what she’s doing! She blows us kisses which is the absolutely cutest thing you’ve ever seen – she sticks her whole hand in her mouth and pulls it out really fast and makes a grunting noise =) she claps and sometimes points. I think she’s starting to do the “more” sign and the “all done” sign. We call her “the powerhouse” when it comes to breakfast. The girl can put away two fruit cups and entire thing of yogurt! Amazing. She eats whatever we’re eating now which is nice – and we’re working on using the cup on our own. She is still just a happy happy energetic baby. She can say Da Da (but doesn’t relate it to G) but she hasn’t really said momma yet – BUT she does say Nanna (which is what we call Fiona!) Funny that she would say her sisters name before me!!!

So all is well in Maisie’s world – and I’m finally caught up on the blog!


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