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2 small things December 14, 2010

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* Sadly this was the first year in a long time that we missed the Jingle Bell Run. I was especially bummed because Fi had her own number this time around! We’ve been having monsoon like rains….seriously we had 12 inches of rain on the Olympic Rain Forest and 3″ here in the Seattle area. I just thought it would be a “bad mommy” move if I drug them out in that =(

* Saturday night I went out to dinner for a friend of mine’s 40th Birthday. It was a nice Japanese restaurant and it was with a large group of people that I only knew a few of. I had on “dressy clothes” and was feeling good – making small talk, meeting new people. At the end of the night I walked into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I saw it. A bright sparkling purple clip that Fiona had “clipped” (which really means just barely hung) in my bangs smack in the middle of my forehead so that I would “look pretty”. Nice.



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