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Bustling Holidays December 14, 2010

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The first week of December was a busy one.

December 1st is my mom’s Birthday and she was staying at our house that day so we took her out to dinner….Red Robin of course….=)

The next night I played soccer for the first time in 5 years – it was really fun to play again but man was I rusty – and HOLY HELL was I sore!!!

Friday GG left for Taiwan for a week so the girls and I were on our own. Before he left Greg got down all the holiday decorations so we spent the weekend decorating the house. We had a fun time going through everything and Fiona was a great help putting ornaments on the tree. The worse part was that I was SO SORE from playing soccer I could barely get around! Maisie was in awe of the tree and the lights -she’s been playing with a few things but surprisingly she’s left it pretty much alone!

The week went by pretty fast and everyone was super happy to see Daddy home. A couple of funny little quotes while he was gone:

*Fiona asked Maisie to marry her so that they could live happily ever after and make all their dreams come true – “then we must first kiss” =)

*Fiona asked if she could watch Harry Potter, I told her it was a little scary and we could only watch the first one but OK. It was over her head so she played a lot during it and watched off and on…at one point she had been sitting still watching it for about 10 minutes and finally said, “mommy, is Harry a lizard?” “no honey, he’s a wizard, that means he’s magical” “OH! All this time I thought he was a lizard!”


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