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Maisie’s First Visit to Santa December 14, 2010

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All right – I’m sorry – but you can not get a better santa picture then this!!! Fiona hasn’t sat on Santa’s lap for the last couple of years so we weren’t sure what she was going to do this time. She told us that Maisie could sit on his lap but she would probably just stand. When we got into the room with him though she just lit up and went right to him – gave him a high 5 and hopped right on his lap. He was a FANTASTIC santa – looked great and had a kind voice. He really seemed to feel at ease with the little ones and knew just how to talk to them. Maisie didn’t bat an eye – she stared at him for a tiny bit wondering who the hell he was – other then that she sat and smiled and squealed!

Fi asked him for a barbie doll and a train and told him that Maisie wanted a baby doll all her own.

We always go see Santa just after Thanksgiving because Greg leaves for Asia every year at this time. He had to leave a few days later but will only be gone one week this time and is only going to Taiwan (always easier on him then China).


One Response to “Maisie’s First Visit to Santa”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    That picture, my dear, is the greatest Santa picture of all time. Your girls are beautiful, Karen!

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