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She Walks January 10, 2011

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YEAH!!! Finally I feel like I can officially say that little miss Maisie walks! Really I think she took her first steps the day after Christmas when she “walked” from Norma to me…it was more of a falling step then a walk and she wouldn’t repeat it. Since then she’s done several more of those….letting go and falling to something she wanted and moving her feet in the fall. But tonight she let go of what she was holding onto and walked SEVERAL steps to me. Then she repeated it and you could tell from the look on her face that she TOTALLY KNEW this time what she was doing. She was psyched! She did it a few more times….of course NOT for the camera =) I’ll get one in the next few days though for sure!!!

Way to go little nugget. I love the walkers!!!


Bad Guys

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Well of course I still need to update the blog with all of the Holiday halla-balloo … but first I wanted to get a couple of things down.

We’ve had a bit of craziness in our house since the holidays. Greg (true to form =) broke 5 ribs while sledding at the cabin and then a week later I came home from a memorial I had attended mid-week to find that our house had been broken into.

I got home from picking the girls up at G&GG’s and noticed that our back gate was left open. I was immediately suspicious because I knew Greg wasn’t riding his bike so he would have had no reason to come through the gate. When we got out of the car I just felt like something was wrong and I carefully looked in the back yard and closed the gate….Zoe was with us too and she as sniffing all over the yard. Then I noticed a big wet foot print on our step. No big deal really – but for some reason I just knew it before even going in the house. I opened the door and could see that the X-box and Kinect and Greg’s mac book were all gone. I called Greg right away (zoe had run to the back door and was sniffing all over there but she didn’t seem worried so I wasn’t worried that anyone was still in the house) to make sure he hadn’t taken the stuff with him for some strange reason. He hadn’t so I called the police.

They were at our door within just a few minutes. When they walked in Fiona was standing by the little table near the door and she had left her artwork from preschool the day before there. She picked it up and showed it to the officer and said, “whew! They didn’t get this!!”. (very cute).

Luckily we live in a great neighborhood and within minutes I had several neighbors at my door to make sure we were o.k. – Including my neighbor Tami who took Fiona to her house with her to watch a movie and eat popcorn while the police finished their investigation. The crook(s) were able to fit through our tiniest of tiny kitchen windows…unbelievable…had to be teenage boys with out hips for sure!!! They took all small electronics AND they used my work bag to throw everything into which contained my workout clothes and my favorite running shorts!!!! Totally bummed about that.

They also got my camera – luckily I download often so there were only a few picture of christmas on there…i have some on my iphone and some from Greg and some from our parents so we won’t be entirely without. Greg on the other hand lost all his mountain biking photos from the last several years which he had not backed up….so sad!!!

As I write this we are now double-backing up with an online storage company so that if someone did take my computer and our backup drive we’ll still have our photos!

So really – we got off easy. No one is hurt…no damage to the house. As far as these things can go really not that much stolen. They didn’t ransack the place or even go through our things….we don’t think they even left the far wall of the living room – if it wasn’t there it wasn’t going….We’re sure it was kids. I’m hoping against hope that one of them will use my bag or wear one of the t-shirts that was in it….they are all one-of-a-kinds from my work….wouldn’t that be great?

Greg and I spent a large part of 2010 learning how to better deal with life’s crises – this gave us a great opportunity to practice what we’ve learned and I think we’ve done great! We’ve also talked about doing all sorts of things in the past to better protect our home and belonging but haven’t ever done any of them…this was a nice gentle reminder to do them … so we spent a lot of time this weekend working on that. Also a good thing.

The worst part of it all is how it’s seemed to affect Fiona. This weekend was easily one of the hardest times I’ve ever had with her. Talking back, sassy, pushing buttons and insisting on being in charge. Yelling at us if we told her she could or couldn’t do anything other then what she wanted to do. She spent literally almost the whole weekend in her room and Saturday we spent HOURS battling with her. I hate it. I know that some of it is still coming down from the holidays. Readjusting to going back to school (she’s missed me every day). We know that we go through spells of being to lenient with her and letting her get away with too much…then when we tighten things back up it’s really tough – we have to get better at that…it’s not fair for us to put her through those swings. But I also think that this has a lot to do with it. I wonder if she feels like her environment is out of control so she’s pushing for it everything and anything she can.

She likes to talk about the bad guys A LOT. She has big plans for them and is obviously trying to sort it all out in her head and make sense of it. Today she insisted she wanted to help the police so we made chocolate chip cookies for them and will bring them to them on Tuesday. Just like anyone else she obviously feels like she need to “do” something …anything!

She’s also been talking a lot about how the bad guys are bad because they must miss their mommies. Maybe even if their mommies are bad then maybe they miss their mommies too. That we should make the bad guys chocolate chip cookies or have the police give the bad guys chocolate chip cookies because it will remind them of their mommies and make them feel better. Interested insight from that little girl for sure.

ok- a bit of a rambling post but just had to get it “in the books”