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Cookie Day December 14, 2010

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Every year the day after Thanksgiving my sister, SIL, and I go to my mom’s house to make boat loads of Christmas cookies. It is a ton of work but so much fun and I love that we have a tradition that we keep alive for the girls. This was the first year that Fiona got into it a bit and actually helped some – she also ate some =) We used 15lbs. of flour, 10lbs. of sugar and 12 lbs. of butter!! By the end of the night we are all sick of cookies we swear we will never eat a single one =) I love having all the cookies at home for parties and neighbors and last minute holiday gifts.

*G-pa with his girls | * Fi helping grandma cut gingerbreads | * Fi frosting the cream wafers (she did a great job with them!)

*The final product | * Taste testing!



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We decided to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. I actually really enjoy cooking and it sounded really good to not have to pack the girls up and take them anywhere. I knew they’d nap (at least Maisie would) and get to bed at a decent time with time to unwind. The only bummer was the rest of my family had Thanksgiving in Tacoma at my sisters – but since I knew we’d see them the next day for cookie day – it didn’t seem so bad.

Dinner was Greg’s parents, Kevin and the Booher family. I was so happy that they could join us – they are such good friends and I love being able to spend these special times with them. Fiona and I made the place mats for everyone ahead of time (turkey hands and leaves smashed between clear shelf liner….high class!) and Fiona also had made a turkey center piece at school for our table. We made a brined turkey and couple of stuffings, Greg’s mom brought her amazing garlic mashed potatos, cranberry salad and pies, and the Booher’s brought cranberries and some absolutely delicious homemade bread that Chris made that morning (oh and a 2nd turkey so we would have lot’s of left overs!!)

It was a GREAT night – a perfect dinner – great food and great conversation….nothing could remind us all of how much we have to give thanks for then a perfect evening like that one.


November in a nutshell

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Well the month of November was filled with cold and colds and lot’s of turkey!

First Maisie was up all night with a new tooth and then a couple of days later she was up all night with a cold. Then of course Fi caught it. Once the two of them got over it both Greg and I caught it 10x worse then the girls did. Now of course I’m happy that the girls weren’t as sick as us – but let me tell you – two really sick parents taking care of two energetic kids is NOT FUN. I ended up taking a day off work to try and recoup. I actually stayed in bed all day – I can’t tell you the last time I did that!

Not long after we were all starting to get healthy we had a small dusting of snow – Fiona was SO EXCITED!!! And then just a couple of days later we got a SERIOUS chunk of snow – well serious chunk of snow for around these parts! I left work at 3:30 and it took me 2 hours to go 4 blocks to get on the freeway. Once I was on the freeway it didn’t take me that long at all to get home. Of course once I got home I couldn’t get to the girls! They hadn’t plowed any of the hills in Bellevue and I went and checked them out and they were LITTERED with cars. So…I work in the outdoor industry – I have a ton of gear – I suited up and walked there. It was quite nice walking in the dark in the snow only having to worry about cars sliding out of control behind me! I ended up spending the night at Greg’s parents house (thanking God the whole way that we don’t have daycare!) and GG came and picked us up in the morning (it took him 4 hours to get home!).

*Fi and Maisie with their new cars borrowed from Kerri |* You know why we absolutely had to have the red grocery cart? Because it matches my super-suit of course….

*enjoying the dusting | *snow pig | * after Fiona announced that she is going to be a teacher we have Maisie working on the tech side

*chilling on daddy | *SERIOUS cheerio butt | *Fi looking 13!

*Fi making snow angels | *Maisie is NOT thrilled with the snow or the sled or the snowsuit | * Fi, Daddy and Zoe starting to work on the snowman




9 months

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Month 9 was a big month. Maisie’s first tooth came through on the 10th – with another following pretty quickly and 2 more on their way. Fiona didn’t get teeth until she was a year old – and when she got them we never knew…they just came in. No teething. I knew I wasn’t going to get away with that again – and sure enough Maisie was up ALL night long with her first tooth. Poor little girl – I ended up sleeping in the chair with her so we at least got a little bit of sleep, I’m hoping this won’t be this way with every tooth to come!

She is crawling like crazy and standing up and cruising all around. She loves to have us walk her all over the house. She still isn’t a great sleeper – I keep hoping that it will magically happen like it did for Fi! She is already seeming to be going to one nap. She’ll take two naps at the grandparents house and she loves to sit and “chill” on her daddy’s lap while I’m cooking dinner – but otherwise it’s one nap and that’s it! At least she’s in a great mood when she’s not sleeping.

One of the things that I love about Maisie is her laugh. Whenever she sees something that she wants to get into – or something that she knows she’s not supposed to have she let’s out this little laugh and I know she’s about to head towards trouble! She claps and does patty-cake and is still in awe of her big sister. She’s very gentle with Zoe and rarely pulls her hair – instead just pats her and climbs on her. She loves the neighbors cat and squeals with delight when she sees him. She has started to wave and waves at everyone all the time (and occasionally waves at the corner…which freaks me out just a tad bit =) when she waves she says, “hiiiiiiiii” – which she of course doesn’t know she’s saying but instead is just mimicking the sound we make =)

Of course – true to form for the 2nd child I haven’t even made her 9 month appointment so we’re going to have to wait until 10 months for stats!


8 Months December 12, 2010

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10/04/10: Maisie is crawling everywhere now – once she figured it out she was off…AND into everything! She is very independent and I find myself realizing that she has crawled off into another room by herself and is playing happily with no one around her! She is obsessed with getting into the dog food and water. Zoe is such a sweet dog that when Maisie comes crawling her way she just moves over and let’s her get her food! She is still a mellow baby as far as temper goes….she is pretty much game for anything (though she isn’t afraid to yell in protest if she doesn’t want to do it!). And she is LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD!! She is a great eater and is already eating a lot of table food – she loves to be in control and feed herself and if the baby food isn’t mixed with something to make it thicker she will have nothing to do with it!

Now if only she would SLEEP!!!



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Let me see if I remember October =)

Early in the month we all got together to have our family picture taken (a Christmas present for my parents from last christmas). It had been raining for days but luckily a weather window opened up and it a was absolutely perfect picture taking day. We are still working on getting the finals so I will post (at least try to=) when we get them. Afterwards we had the family over to our house (the pictures were taken in the Vue) to celebrate my Dad’s and SIL’s birthdays. Fiona entertained everyone by doing their hair and we were entertained watching my dad put pig tails in Fiona’s hair:

The day after photos GG left for Asia again so the girls and I filled our time with pumpkin patches and parties. This year Greg was going to be home in plenty of time for Halloween (usually he gets home the night before!)

First we went to the Kelsey Creek Farm Fair – in the rain. (actually now that I think about it G was still home for this so I was able to leave Maisie at home to sleep and just me Fi got to go) It was…all right. Wet bouncy houses filled with unsupervised kids are not that fun. I did score some excellent local honey though! And of course we love any time we get to spend with the Booher family!:

**Maisie is full on crawling now…but more on that in “her” post

Next we went to a pumpkin patch out past Carnation (again with the Boohers) luckily Chris’s parents were along for the ride so we had extra arms. I didn’t realize that at this patch we took a tractor out to the pumpkins…if it wasn’t for them there’s no way I could get our pumpkins and my “pumpkins” all back to the car! We had a great time. We got pumpkins, saw pigs, rode a pony and watched a catapult:

**we also had a small “adventure” running to preschool through the trails with the stroller….good fun! Teri Mann was there to help and support =)

Next pumpkin patch was for Fiona’s very first field trip from school. Maisie stayed home with my mom (whew!) and Fi and I headed out past Monroe. It was great to get to see her hang out with some of her new friends and me have some time to chat with some of the parents. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!!! These pictures are all with Fi’s best friend at school Riko..

**wow it was a busy month!

For a weekend I packed up the girls and we headed to Auntie Theresa’s house. We had a great time and the girls slept pretty good there (Fi shared a bed with me and it wasn’t that bad!) we did a Halloween 5k one night around the zoo in the rain – and the girls were total troopers!! (other then that we had a hard time convincing Fi that she wanted to get into the stroller!):

Finally Daddy was home and we got to carve pumpkins. This is the first year he’s been home for it (and the first year that Fi actually helped!!) Maisie went to bed and we got to carving:

Saturday before Halloween we went to a little party at the Booher’s house with a bunch of their neighbors. It was a great group of people…though Fi was a little overwhelmed at first. We had our costumes all picked out for sometime…we were all going as the Incredible family…but I felt a little bad for Maisie…her costume was chosen by her sister….so I also bought her a pink kitty costume so she could have “one of her own” =):

Finally it was Halloween. Fiona woke up that morning and the very first thing she asked me was if she had to eat dinner that night or if she could just eat candy all day! By 8:20 her costume was on =) We had a great time tricker-treating and after hung out at our neighbor’s (pam jack and eldon) house for soup and the kids to unwind. Fi was pretty pumped all day and Greg and I were exhausted just from the energy that was in the house!


Bad Mommie

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All right – I can not believe it’s been since September that I posted….I haven’t been that bad for a long time. I have noticed that about every other post of mine starts out this way……

so i’m going to try and catch up….i take the pictures now i just have to put the words to them =) get ready for a whole lot of catch up with a bit of current day….